Shinju Matsuri Long Table Dinner
Image credit: Shinju Matsuri

5 reasons to visit Broome in September

Why come to Broome in September? We can think of many reasons, but here are five to get you started! 

Spring Sunshine in Broome

1.       Great weather

As southern parts of Australia come out of winter, Broome enjoys some of its best weather – warm days, cool nights and no rain! At the end of a cold and rainy stretch of the year, it might be time to warm your winter bones in the tropical sun of Broome. Expect clear blue skies, balmy evenings and ideal temperatures to enjoy some relaxation by the pool.

2.       BroomeTime

The saying goes that Broome is so relaxed it has its own time – BroomeTime. That might not be entirely the case, but the tropics do lend themselves to a relaxed approach to life. It can’t be helped – the lure of Cable Beach for an early morning stroll or that perfect sunset is just too strong to resist! If the idea of ‘check-in and chill-out’ is music to your ears, maybe it’s BroomeTime for you! 

Shinju Matsuri Street Fiesta
Image credit: Shinju Matsuri

3.       Fossilised Footprints

Experience Broome’s extraordinary coast in a whole new way - through the 130 million year old dinosaur footprints dotted along the coastline. Preserved in Broome sandstone, these numerous and diverse footprints are records of Sauropods, Theropods and the Ornitopods during the first part of the Lower Cretaceous Epoch. At this time, the area was a large river delta. The tracks have a cultural connection too - for Aboriginal people of the Dampier Peninsula and West Kimberley, some tracks trace the journey of a Dreamtime creator - Marala, or Emu Man. 

September's tides around the full and new moons are low enough for visitors to explore footprints amongst the rocks at Gantheaume Point. More footprints can be found in the intertidal zone at the southern end of Cable Beach.  Alternatively, zoom across the mudflats of Roebuck Bay on a "scenic and prehistoric" hovercraft tour.

4.       Celebrate the Pearl

Experience some of Broome’s unique culture in September with Shinju Matsuri, or the Festival of the Pearl, a true Broome institution! Broome’s story is forever entwined with the pearling industry, and for many years the town’s rhythms were sounded by the departure and return of the pearling luggers on the ebb and flow of the 10m tides. 

For 70 years now the South Sea Pearl has been the prize rather than the mother of pearl and September traditionally marks the end of the pearl harvest season, when the fortunes of the pearl farmer are told. What better time to celebrate? Shinju Matsuri runs from September 2-10 2017 with the Sunset Long Table Dinner, beachside sculptures, art awards, music events and more! Read our “3 days in Broome” post for a taste of what to expect. 

Cygnet Bay Pearls

Image credit: Cygnet Bay Pearls

Staircase to the Moon

Aside from the glorious stretch of the white sands of Cable Beach, Broome’s most famous natural attraction is the breathtaking Staircase to the Moon phenomenon, when the spectacle of the moon rising above the tidal flats creates a hush amongst those watching. On September 7-9 and October 6-8 2017, see the Staircase to the Moon alongside the night markets at Town Beach, or claim a spot overlooking Roebuck Bay at the Mangrove Hotel or along the shoreline.


Broome has so much to offer and this is just the start! See our 3 day Broome itinerary for a taste of what you can experience.


Sunset at Cable Beach

Image: Cable Beach at sunset

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