Sun Pictures, Broome

Sun Pictures is a major tourist attraction in Chinatown, Broome and continues to screen films to this very day. This open air picture garden attracts both locals and tourists keen to relax in a deck chair under the stars and enjoy the latest film in historical surroundings.

Entering Sun Pictures you are taken back to a bygone era where film goers would flock to see the latest silent movie and as film technology progressed, screening the ‘ talkies’.   It was where many Broome men met and courted the ladies of the town and the building played a pivotal role in the town’s social life. Many a relationship blossomed at Sun Pictures and marriages made. 

Sun Pictures opened in 1916 to a silent film.  It is listed on the State Register of the National Estate and in 2004 held the record in the category of oldest open air cinema in operation.  Sun Pictures history is fascinating from being owned by a master pearler to its segregated seating plan to being managed for almost 30 years by a couple who still live in the pearling town today.

While you no longer have to lift your feet as patrons did in the early days due to tidal flooding, it’s location under the flight path means audience members now lift their heads in surprise as an aeroplane roars overhead.

Over the years, Sun Pictures has been restored, but retains its ‘knockabout’ character with its weathered tin capturing the essence of ‘old Broome’.

This iconic Broome tourist attraction is a must see. 

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