Rowley Shoals

Rowley Shoals Marine Park lies 300 kilometres west of Broome. Made up of three coral atolls, with untouched coral gardens, amazing marine life and clear lagoons, the Rowley Shoals is a true watery wilderness.

Rowley Shoals Diving and Snorkelling

Some of the world’s most spectacular diving and snorkelling sites can be found in the Rowley Shoals Marine Park.

Clerke Reef, Imperieuse Reef and Mermaid Reef form the three coral atolls, each home to a wide variety of corals, fish, mollusks and other invertebrates, some of which are unique to Australia. You’ll also find at least 13 species of larger marine animals at the Rowley Shoals, including sea turtles, manta rays, whales and dolphins. Search for Rowley Shoals diving and snorkelling tours.

Rowley Shoals Fishing

The deep waters surrounding the Rowley Shoals are home to large populations of pelagic species such as sharks, marlin and sailfish, so it’s a good spot for experiencing the thrill of big game fishing. For more information about Rowley Shoals fishing, contact Broome Visitor Centre.

Getting to the Rowley Shoals

You can visit the Rowley Shoals Marine Park by joining an extended tour from Broome. Search for Rowley Shoals tours or contact Broome Visitor Centre for more information.




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