Gibb River Road


A journey along the Gibb River Road four wheel drive route is one of the last true outback adventures. Originally constructed in the 1960s to transport stock from surrounding cattle stations, it stretches some 660km from King Sound in Derby to Wyndham

Gibb River Road Attractions

The Gibb River Road takes you through spectacular scenery, passing many gorges, waterfalls and rivers. So take time to explore, there are plenty of opportunities for hiking and taking a refreshing swim in pools beneath plunging waterfalls.

On the must-see list are Lennard Gorge and Bell Gorge, Tunnel Creek, Dimond Gorge and Sir John Gorge, the Pentecost River and Ord River, Galvans Gorge, Manning Gorge and Manning Falls. Find out more by visiting the Derby Visitor Centre.

Gibb River Road Conditions

The Gibb River Road conditions vary from bitumen to natural rocky earth. It is only suitable for four wheel drive vehicles and not recommended for towing caravans, trailers or boats. For up to date information on road conditions contact Main Roads, Derby Visitor Centre or Kununurra Visitor Centre.  Purchase a copy of the Gibb River and Kalumburu Road Guide which details distances, attractions, fuel and accommodation.  Available from Gibb River Road Tours  

You can travel the entire length of the road with one of the many organised tours, relaxing at cattle stations along the way. Prior booking is essential. Search for Kimberley Tours.

Gibb River Road Accommodation

 There are designated camping areas within an easy day’s drive along the Gibb River Road that provide fresh water and toilet facilities. Fees apply - free camping is not permitted. There are also homestays, private chalets, bungalows, safari style tents, wilderness retreats and luxury homestead accommodation along this old stock route. Prior bookings for this type accommodation is essential. Search for Kimberley Accommodation.

Travel Tips

See important travel tips for useful advice about safety in the outback, and follow the advice of Leave No Trace to help protect this unique environment as you journey along the Kalumburu Road and Gibb River Road.

There is also information on the Mitchell Plateau and Kalumburu Road on this website.

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