Sawpit Gorge

The gorge is located on the Black Elvire River where flood waters have cut through a range. There is a towering rock wall on one side and sandy shaded banks.

This is one of the more secluded and beautiful locations in the Shire of Halls Creek. It is also a great place for a bushwalk with plenty of wildlife and spectacular scenery.

This is a popular swimming place. Fresh water crocodiles can be seen in this gorge. Sawpit is located 52 km from Halls Creek a few kilometres off the Duncan Road.

Coordinates are: 18°25’52”S, 127°49’24”E. 3.8km along track off the Duncan Road (T/O at 18°25’30”S, 127°50’80”E).

There is 24hr camping only and there are bins on site.

For  further information on attractions accessible from Halls Creek view the Halls Creek Tourism and Travel Guide.

Image credit: Shire of Halls Creek.


Sawpit Gorge in the dry season during the month of August

Sawpit Gorge in the dry season during August.

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