Dampier Archipelago

The Dampier Archipelago is a string of 42 pristine islands that lie off the coast of Dampier and Point Samson. Home to a large and diverse number of marine species, 25 of the islands are protected as part of the Dampier Archipelago Marine Park, making them one of Western Australia’s best diving and snorkelling spots. The islands’ white sandy beaches and blue waters also make them an ideal location for swimming or just lazing the day away.

Marinelife Encounters

Dugong and bottlenose dolphins are often sighted in the waters of the Dampier Archipelago, while humpback whales are regularly seen between July and September, as they make their way north to breed. Green, loggerhead, flatback and hawksbill turtles use the beaches during the nesting season, from September to April. And for the keen bird watcher, there are 26 species of seabirds to be spotted throughout the archipelago. 

Fishing the Dampier Archipelago

This coastal playground also offers world-class fishing spots for deep water, reef or sheltered inlet fishing. For more information about fishing the Dampier Archipelago, contact Karratha Visitor Centre.

Camping on the Dampier Archipelago

Camping is available on some of the islands of the Dampier Archipelago, however some areas are special conservation zones. Contact Karratha Visitor Centre for details.

See important travel tips for useful advice about safety, and follow the advice of Leave No Trace to help protect this unique environment for others to enjoy.

 Montebello Islands and Barrow Island

Lying to the west of the Dampier Archipelago are the Montebello islands, a group of 100 limestone islands with pristine white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. With a 6 metre tidal range, the islands are perfect for diving, snorkelling, beachcombing and fishing. The Montebello Islands also claim to be the site of Western Australia's first shipwreck, the Tyrall, which sank in 1622.

The Dampier Archipelago is just one of the many sights along the Warlu Way in the Pilbara.  Find out more here.

For more information about the Dampier Archipelago, contact Karratha Visitor Centre.

Dampier Archipelago in the Pilbara

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