Newman, Marble Bar and Nullagine

From the gold rush towns of the 1880's to the largest modern mining town in the East Pilbara, the inland Pilbara has been a resources hotspot for over 150 years. 


Newman is the largest modern mining town in the East Pilbara region. Sitting on the edge of the Western Desert, the town is dominated by Mount Newman (1053 metres) and named after the explorer Aubrey Woodward Newman. In 1957 a huge iron ore deposit was discovered at Mt Whaleback, which is now the site of the largest single open-cut iron ore mine in the world.

There’s also plenty for nature lovers around Newman. Weeli Wolli is a permanent freshwater spring providing a haven for fish and birdlife. Kalgans Pool is the perfect place for a refreshing dip and the road to Eagle Rock Falls offers a great four-wheel drive adventure. Tackle the hugely challenging Canning Stock Route or explore the remote wilderness of Karlamilyi National Park (formerly known as Rudall River).

Do not attempt to drive the Canning Stock Route or the drive to Karlamilyi National Park unless you have extensive outback four-wheel drive experience. Permits to travel the Canning Stock Route are available from the Australian National Four Wheel Drive Council.

Marble Bar

Marble Bar is a unique example of a pioneering outback town established in the gold rush days of the late 1800s. With only 410 residents today, it is still possible to see the town’s past heyday in its historic buildings and at local sites. Don’t be put off by Marble Bar’s reputation as Australia’s hottest town either – from April to September the area enjoys mild daytime temperatures and cooler nights, and its nearby gorges and swimming holes are ideal spots for a cooling swim.


  • Follow the Marble Bar Heritage Trail - maps are available at the Visitor Centre.
  • Visit the Comet Gold Mine, a museum and tourist stop 7km from Marble Bar on the Comet Gold Mine Road.
  • At the secret WWII airfield at Corunna Downs, the runways and remains of some buildings and revetements hint at what was once a busy base for Australian and American crews.
  • Go for a picnic and swim at Chinaman’s Pool, part of an A-class reserve.
  • Take a four-wheel drive to explore Coppin’s Gap, Doolena Gorge or Carawine Gorge.
  • Why not end the day with a cold beer at Marble Bar’s Iron Clad Hotel?


Nullagine, a tiny township north of Newman, is another gold rush town and was established in 1888. Nullagine was also the site of Australia’s first known diamond find. Today its red granite hills, winter wildflowers and plentiful waterholes, including Beaton’s Creek Gorge, Garden and Daylight Pools, and the ancient rocks of Conglomerate Gorge attract visitors keen to explore the area as well as fossickers hoping to strike it lucky.

For more information, contact Newman Visitor Centre.


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