Image by Maria Tracy

80 Mile Beach, Pilbara

Panoramic views that seem to go on forever are what you will find at the idyllic 80 Mile Beach. The beach, which in metric terms is 240 kilometres long, provides a sandy paradise upon which you can relax and while away the hours.

The turquoise water and stretches of sandy shore makes it a popular stop for those wanting an alternative beach break while travelling through the Pilbara.  The spectacular sunsets over the Indian Ocean are worth the trip alone.

Throw in a fishing line and try your luck at pulling in a threadfin salmon, blue nose salmon or mulloway.  
If you are a bird watcher, this beach is renowned as a haven for small wader birds that use it as a feeding ground, migrating to its shores during the summer.

Flatback turtles use this marine park as a major nesting area, while dugongs and dolphins are found within its waters.

Getting there
80 Mile Beach Marine Park lies between Port Hedland and Broome on the Great Northern Highway. You can access the park via the 10 km access road to the Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park, 250 km north of Port Hedland and 365 km south of Broome.

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