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About Australia's North West Tourism

Western Australia is divided into five tourism regions. Australia's South West, Australia's Golden Outback, Australia's Coral Coast, Experience Perth and Australia's North West. Each of these regions is marketed by a Regional Tourism Organisation. The activities of Regional Tourism Organisations are undertaken with assistance and financial support from the tourism industry and Tourism Western Australia.

Australia's North West region covers over a million square kilometers, encompassing the Kimberley and Pilbara regions, from Onslow in the south to Kununurra in the north eastern corner of Western Australia.

Australia's North West Tourism (ANW) is the main marketing body for tourism industry in the North West and was formed in 2004 as a non-profit, non-government, member-based association. Its primary responsibility is to increase visitation to the region by marketing the destination to the domestic and international marketplace, providing on-going communication to various target markets and media groups and acting as the liaison with government agencies.

ANW currently has over 200 members, covering a broad range of businesses that are dispersed throughout the region. It produces a new North West Holiday Planner each year and co-ordinates visiting journalist programs, product famils, product and market research activities and road shows, in addition to providing assistance to visitor centres and undertaking other initiatives in support of sustainable regional tourism.

Roles and objectives

  • Foster the development of travel services and facilities in Australia's North West region.
  • Preserve and encourage the upgrading of existing attractions and develop new ones.
  • Promote the attractions of the region.
  • Co-ordinate organisations, companies, businesses and individuals benefiting from the tourism industry and assist them to achieve profitable growth.
  • Convey to the community the benefits that travel and tourism bring to the region.
  • Liaise with regional, state, national and international tourism bodies in the achievement of mutual objectives.
  • Produce updated tourism development plans for the region.
  • Produce, or acquire, printed, audio/visual or other promotional information either for sale or free distribution.
  • Foster co-operation and work for the mutual advantage with the tourist associations of other regions.
  • Ensure that its promotional and marketing activities are complementary to the management of the features of the region and to the best of its ability to support proper management to ensure their sustainable use.

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