Membership Prospectus 2017-2018
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    Australia's North West Membership

    Australia's North West Tourism (ANW) is a destination marketing organisation whose main role is to grow tourism visitation to the Kimberley and Pilbara regions of Western Australia through a range of marketing activities.

    An important component of the organisation is its members.  By having a strong member base, the organisation is better able to promote a full range of attractions, and can be truly representative of the tourist industry.  Members make up the Board of ANW and therefore have an active role in setting the strategy for the marketing of the region. 

    There are three membership levels:-

    Base Membership - recommended for small tour operators, accommodation providers of less than 10 rooms, restaurants, small retail outlets and ancillary businesses that benefit from tourism and wish to raise their business profile and contribute to the marketing of the region. 

    Marketing Membership - recommended for mid-level tour operators and accommodation providers, and medium to large retail outlets.  Marketing membership gives greater exposure to your business and is designed for those who wish to be pro-actively involved in the activities of ANW.

    Premium Membership - maximise your exposure with premium membership.  Recommended for major tour and accommodation providers, wholesalers and larger organisations with a significant stake in tourism.  Premium membership provides for priority inclusion in ANW activities, cooperative marketing opportunities and a number of additional benefits.

    For further information contact the team at Australia's North West Tourism 08 9193 6660 or download the Membership Prospectus here:

























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