ANW Chairman Meets Broome Members

    ANW’s Broome members attended a function last night at Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa to meet recently appointed ANW Chairman Ian Gay.  Ian’s previous role at Qantas brought him into contact with a number of operators in the North West and he will continue to meet with members in the Pilbara and the Kimberley as the opportunity arises.

    Australia's North West Tourism Chairman Ian Gay with Ed & Kerry Bennett, InStyle Adventures

    Chairman Tourism WA Peter Prendiville with Rhonda Chappell (Broome Chamber of Commerce)
    and Belinda Dyer (Broome Adventure Company).

    Darren Banfield (Willie Creek Pearls), Chris Maher (Art House Broome)

    Nerrida Hillier (Broome & The Kimberley Holidays),
    Kathy Veech (Broome & The Kimberley Holidays), Russell Brown (Broome & The Kimberley Holidays)

    Glen Chidlow (Australia's North West Tourism), Mike Windle (Roebuck Bay Hotel)

    Graeme Campbell (Broome Shire President), Kenn Donohoe (CEO Broome Shire)

    Michelle McCully (Australia's North West Tourism), Nicky Bexley (Australia's North West Tourism)

    Kim Bullock (Kailis) Barbara Farrell (Allure South Sea Pearls)

    Ross Forbes (Cable Beachside Villas), Michael Leake (Habitat Resort), Darren Banfield (Willie Creek Pearls)

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