Caravan and Camping Tips

The wide open spaces and warm climate of the Kimberley and Pilbara regions make them ideal destinations for caravan and camping holidays. However, some roads are not suitable for towing a caravan and there are camping restrictions in certain areas. Contact the local visitor centres for details.

Due to the remoteness of Australia’s North West, you are advised to follow some simple health and safety tips while travelling in your caravan and camping:

  • Be prepared – make sure your vehicle is in top condition before you set out
  • Carry sufficient food and water, a first aid kit, a comprehensive tool kit and at least two spare tyres
  • If you break down, always stay with your vehicle and conserve food and water
  • Drive to suit the road conditions – if towing do not exceed 90 kilometres per hour
  • Watch out for stray animals on roads, especially at dawn and dusk
  • Never drive tired – fatigue kills
  • Watch out for road trains – they can reach over 50 metres long
  • Slow down in dusty conditions where visibility is poor, stay left and never overtake
  • Slow down at all creek crossings and waterways
  • Limit the use of fire and be aware of fire bans
  • Only build fires in the pits provided and take care to completely extinguish the flame with water when finished
  • Seek permission and obtain permits (if required) before entering private property and leave gates as you find them
  • Bury human waste if there are no toilet facilities and take all rubbish with you
  • Camp in designated areas only

For more travel advice, see the road safety section.

Kimberley and Pilbara caravan parks, camping grounds and hire companies

Start planning your caravan and camping holiday in Australia’s North West. Check out the camping section of this site or search for caravan parks, camping grounds and camping hire companies.

For those planning on travelling to Broome with a pooch we suggest planning ahead and checking the availability of dog friendly accommodation options before you travel.

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