Cane Toads

The arrival of cane toads will cause mass devastation to the wildlife and eco-systems of the Kimberley. With your help we can stop them becoming established in this region.

Why are cane toads considered pests in Australia?

  • Poison pets and injure humans with their toxins
  • Poison many native animals whose diet includes frogs, tadpoles and frogs' eggs
  • Eat large numbers of honey bees, creating a management problem for bee-keepers
  • Prey on native fauna
  • Compete for food with vertebrate insectivores such as small skinks
  • May carry diseases that are can be transmitted to native frogs and fishes

How to recognise a cane toad:

  • Toxic parotoid glands behind ear drum
  • Bony ridge above the eyes
  • Webbing on rear feet (note front feet are unwebbed)
  • Skin is rough, dry and warty
  • Sit upright and move in short, rapid hops

What you can do:

  • Do not attempt to bring pot plants into the Kimberley
  • Regularly check your vehicle, caravan, trailer and camping equipment for cane toads that may be hitching a ride from the Northern Territory and Eastern States
  • If you see a cane toad, report it immediately to Frogwatch Northern Australia
  • More information can be fround at Kimberley Toad Busters

Cane toad

The cane toad could have dramatic effects on
the eco-systems of the North West


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