Luxury Cruise


Day One - Broome to Buccaneer Archipelago

Your 13-day Kimberley cruise begins in the early evening with a tour of the vessel, and drinks and nibbles. After departing Broome port, enjoy a delicious dinner as we cruise towards the Buccaneer Archipelago.

Day Two - Yampi Sound to Talbot Bay

Wake up cruising across the King Sound to Yampi Sound and Crocodile Creek for your first Kimberley freshwater swim under a beautiful waterfall. Back onboard, enjoy a barbeque lunch as we cruise through the Koolan Island Gap to Talbot Bay.

Day Three - Talbot Bay to Doubtful Bay

Take a dingy ride through the famous Horizontal Falls to explore Talbot Bay. Back onboard, enjoy a scenic cruise through the Kingfisher Islands to Doubtful Bay. There may be the opportunity to fish or view ancient Indigenous rock art at Raft Point.

Day Four - Doubtful Bay

At Doubtful Bay you can choose to swim under the waterfall at Ruby Falls, fish at Three Ways, cruise down the Sale River, enjoy a barbeque lunch on the beach and explore the historical Indigenous ceremonial route.

Day Five - Montgomery Reef to Langii

Marvel at the waterfalls and coral gardens of Montgomery Reef and spot turtles and dugongs grazing on seagrass. The afternoon will be spent at Langii, where you can swim and view the ‘Petrified Warriors’, before cruising to Camden Harbour.

Day Six - Camden Harbour to Prince Regent River

We visit Camden Harbour and Sheep Island (the first attempted European settlement in the Kimberley on the way to Kings Cascade or Camp Creek up the Prince Regent River (depending on tides). Enjoy the scenery as we cruise though Port George and Treachery Pass to Saint George’s basin. After lunch we head down Camp Creek for a trek and swim at the base of a waterfall.

Day Seven - King Cascade

Spend the morning fishing and exploring the Prince Regent River before heading to King Cascade to anchor. Time permitting, you can climb the hill to swim in crystal clear fresh water pools. The evening will be spent cruising to Careening Bay.

Day Eight - Hunter River

Join a beach expedition to see the ancient Boab Tree and explore a grove of ancient Cycad palms before we cruise off to the Hunter River, where you can choose to fish or hike to Jackson Falls.

Day Nine - Bigge Island Mitchell River

Go ashore at Bigge Island to view ancient Indigenous rock art, stroll along the beach or cool off with a swim. Enjoy lunch cruising around Cape Voltaire on our way to the Mitchell River.

Day Ten - Mitchell River

The Mitchell River estuary is perfect for hunting the elusive Barramundi. Fishing excursions may be available (conditions permitting). After a picnic lunch at Surveyors Creek, enjoy a swim in Surveyors Creek or take a helicopter flight over the Mitchell Plateau to the Mitchell Falls before we depart for Vansittart Bay.

Day Eleven - Vansittart Bay

Start with a fishing excursion before heading to the beach for a refreshing swim and to view the Bradshaw galleries. Enjoy lunch and a relaxing afternoon as we cruise further into the Cove and around Cape Londonderry to the King George River.

Day Twelve - King George River

Breakfast as we cruise down the cathedral-like gorges of the King George River, stopping to view waterfalls along the way. Spend the day trekking and enjoying the fantastic scenery. Tides will decide whether we head off to Berkeley River at sunset or early the next morning.

Day Thirteen - Berkeley River

Take a nature walk along the creeks and cool off in freshwater pools as we explore the Berkley River. There may be the opportunity to fish before enjoying a picnic lunch and heading back down the river. At sunset, you can choose to fish or take another swim the freshwater lagoon before we depart for Wyndham port.

Wyndham Port

Disembark at Wyndham port. Air-conditioned transfers to Kununurra are included.

This sample itinerary has kindly been provided by The Great Escape Charter Company, Broome.


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