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Jo takes on the challenge of basket weaving and exploring Hancock Gorge (not at the same time!)

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Leisurely Stroll to Waterfall

by Jo Durbridge | Jul 08, 2012

El Questro Wilderness Park

Guest blogger Mark's 'Characters of the Kimberley' adventure continues...The “leisurely stroll” up El Questro Gorge was amazing! Larissa had said that there was a water crossing half along that was at about chest height that we needed to get through if we wanted to get to the end of the gorge. Once Claire and Larissa hardened up, they said that the water was fine! With the benefit of hindsight, Claire describes it as positively tropical! We made our way through the crossing and continued our way to the end. We were greeted with a gorgeous waterfall and pool that just beckoned. Once again, the girls were too soft to jump in, so I made the most of it after they twisted my arm. I swam like a half drowned goldfish out to the waterfall and climbed up onto the rocks below. Sitting under the waterfall was unbelievably refreshing and was quite massaging. We definitely timed it well as we had the pool to ourselves until we decided to head back. On the way back we met Frankie J Holden who was there with his family on holidays. Claire and I then headed to Emma Gorge for a delicious lunch before heading back to Kununurra to catch a flight back to Broome. My thanks to Lori, Larissa and their fantastic staff for a most enjoyable stay.

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