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A Disappearing Reef and Uncooperative Fish!

by Jo Durbridge | Jan 21, 2015

Deb continues her journey on The Great Escape cruising around the Kimberley...

After a peaceful sleep, breakfast was on which was awesome.

We then headed to Montgomery Reef an amazing site to see it rise out of the ocean. We went out in the dinghys spotting turtles and viewing some of the numerous water falls created by the water rushing off of the reef.  The sound of rushing water and this amazing site is something hard to describe but a must see to believe.

Montgomery Reef  

Montegomery Reef, Kimberley

The incredible Montgomery Reef

Three of us with one crew member then went to a sandbar which appears in the middle of the ocean at low tide. So we went swimming and in approx 15 minutes it disappeared into the ocean again as the tide covered it again. Just amazing to have swam there.
We then headed to Raft Point.

Sand bar at Montgomery Reef
Time for a swim at the sand bar before it disappears!

Another fishing expedition but this time the fish didn't realise they were meant to be caught lol!

We had a relaxing time on the boat enjoying the scenery and the ever changing colours.

Dinner was yet another delicious affair prepared by Ben quite a feat while Queen songs played with the crew singing along lol. All while we headed to Phoenix Bay.

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