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Awesome Breakfast and Upgraded to a Castle (a Grass Castle that is!)

by Jo Durbridge | Jan 21, 2015

Deb continues her visit to Home Valley Station in the Kimberley.

Brekky was a awesome buffet just awesome.We then headed out on a morning fishing tour with the fishing Legend Tom (as his shirt says so, lol). Tom took us to two beautiful locations to wet some lines. There was excitement with the successful landing of a dew fish by one of the fellow fishermen.  Tom is a very knowledgable fishing guide and one heck of a nice guy we all had a lot fun.

We returned to Dusty Bar and Grill for a delicious lunch before meeting Alfie again.
Alfie gave us a private tour of HMS with Simon driving us around it was amazing to see the station. Home Valley Station is amazing and the more time we spent there the more its realised.

This tour ended at their Helicopter pad with a surprise helicopter tour of the Cockburn Ranges. Seeing the ranges up close was just soooo beautiful.

Helicopter scenic flight
A surprise helicopter scenic flight for Deb and Alistair

Cockburn RangesCockburn Ranges from the air.

Dinner was at the Dusty Bar and Grill were we shared dinner with Kev and his wife Zoe and Alfie joined us too. Kev was the fisherman who had caught the dew fish so HVS cooked it and served it with chips and salad, Tom the fishing guide also dropped by and shared some stories and laughs along with Simon also stopping by too.

We headed back to our room which HVS upgraded to their grass castle WOW. Is all I can say about that room is WOW.

Tomorrow we head back to Kununurra a lot of great memories have been made at HVS thanks soo much.

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