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Footy Final While Afloat!

by Jo Durbridge | Jan 21, 2015

Deb is nearing the end of her Kimberley journey and shares her relaxing cruise on the Kimberley Coast with us...

After brekky The Great Escape headed to Croc Creek where if you wanted you could go to a swimming hole to go swimming. We chose to stay on the boat and enjoy the quite time.
Later that afternoon on came the big screen TV and the AFL grand final game was on. We cruised through the Kimberley while watching the game, what an amazing way to see the match.

A final fishing adventure was on again with some fish being caught and very quickly being cooked and on our plates thanks to the crew and Ben. Our final evening meal was a good time shared with crew.

Sunset on a Kimberley Cruise
Another Kimberley sunset.


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