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Kimberley Adventure Begins

by Jo Durbridge | Jan 21, 2015

Debra was the winner of this year's Characters of the Kimberley Competition and has written about her adventures in the North West.  Over to you Deb...

Planes, trains automobiles.... well no trains lol. After an early morning start and three plane rides and our Kimberley adventure has begun.

We arrived in Kununurra at 2.30pm and we were taken via courtesy bus to the stunning Freshwater Kimberley Apartments.

Freshwater East Kimberley Apartments in Kununurra

Freshwater East Kimberley Apartments in Kununurra.

Freshwater East Kimberley Apartments
 View from the apartment

Our apartment was very well appointed and surrounded by gorgeous gardens. We ventured for a walk into the town centre followed by dinner next door.

Sleepin Buddha

The 'Sleeping Buddha' with Lake Kununurra in the foreground. 

An early night for us to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the Home Valley Station adventure to begin tomorrow.

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