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Sunsets and Mud Crabs

by Jo Durbridge | Jan 21, 2015

Characters of the Kimberley Competition winner Deb is taking us on her journey on The Great Escape along the Kimberley coast.  Over to you Deb...

After an amazing sunrise followed by yet another great breakfast it was time to bait up the hooks again.

We headed off in the dinghys to have some fishing fun.

Fishing in the KimberleyThrowing out the net.

A few fish were caught but not many so then we headed out to set mud cab pots.

mudcrabbing in the Kimberley Success in catching mud crabs

It proved to be a success with chilli mud crab being added to the lunch time menu!

Cruising the Kimberley Coast
Cruising the Kimberley Coast on the Great Escape.

The wind suddenly picked up which made for a fun, wet dinghy trip to have a closer look at a waterfall. Unfortunately it was not flowing but the site was spectacular nonetheless
We then headed to the Horizontal Falls.

Wow is the word for our amazing dingy ride through the Horizontal Falls. Forget all of the man made thrill rides of the world mother nature has made the best one... The Horizontal Falls.

Then we all headed out in the dinghys to a gorgeous spot and the crew tied the dinghys together to form a raft. We had eskies loaded with our drinks and a platter of cheeses and nibbles. We sat floating with the tide while waiting for the show of the amazing stars. Each dinghy headed back to The Great Escape for an awesome dinner. Wow what a day!
Sunset inthe Kimberley

Kimberley sunset.

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