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Treated like Rock Stars!

by Jo Durbridge | Jan 21, 2015

Had a great sleep followed by an awesome breakfast thanks Freshwater East Kimberley Apartments!

Matt from Home Valley Station organised for us to be treated like rock stars, arriving via a seven seater plane from Shoal Air.

River from the air
The Ord River form the air.  There was smoke haze due to a large fire.

We enjoyed a birds eye view of the scenery and we were greeted by a smiling and waving Matt Payne as we landed.

Matt introduced us to Home Valley Station it is an amazing and beautiful place.

Boabs at Home Valley Station

The boab trees at Home Valley Station

Champagne and a fruit platter were in our room along with some HMV gifts. A very, very nice surprise.

Dusty Bar and Grill is full of atmosphere and the food for our lunch gave any main town venue a run for its money.

Dusty Bar and Grill
Home Valley Station's Dusty Bar and Grill

Alfie a trainee was our guide for a sunset lookout tour which was beautiful. Taking in the Cockburn ranges while drinking Moet and eating cheese and nibbles. Alfie was a confident tour guide who has answers for every question we asked. He has a great charm about him coupled with a smile you will remember.


Alfie and Alistair

Alfie & Alistair

Cockburn Range at dusk
  Cockburn Ranges in the Kimberley at dusk

Sunset in the Kimberley

Kimberley Sunset

  We returned to our room after a great night.

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