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Opera at Karijini

by Jo Durbridge | Jul 10, 2015

One of the highlights of the Karijini Experience was the Opera.  Soprano Deborah Cheetham was to perform in Kalmina Gorge in Karijini National Park

The previous day Deborah did a sound check in Kalamina Gorge and school children had the chance to do a workshop with her.  As it turned out they were they only ones that got to experience her singing in the gorge. 

Unfortunately the unseasonal rain the night prior to her performance meant the gorge was not going to work for safety reasons.  The performance was now going to take place under cover at the Karijini Eco Retreat's restaurant. You can't control nature and if any of the audience members were unhappy with the change of venue you wouldn't have known it.The organisers even arranged a free glass of sangria for each guest upon entry (nice work girls!)

Deborah Cheetham performs at Karijini 

All thoughts of the gorge disappeared as Deborah had all of us mesmerised from the moment she wove the story of her life into her opera performance.  Her journey to find her family and culture and indeed her story of an Aboriginal women finding her place on the opera circuit moved the audience greatly, some to tears.  And what a voice!  It was a magical performance and one people are unlikely to forget.

I had an early night as the next day I would adventure into the gorges of Karijini National Park and would also be attending the multi-course luncheon of the Karijini Culinary Experience.


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