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  • 'It’s not Barnesy but they weren’t bad!'

    by Jo Durbridge | Sep 01, 2012

    Enjoying Spicy Soup

    Spicy soup, crispy ham hock, chicken and aioli, and a sensational curry were just some of the tasty delights savoured at the Shinju Matsuri Long Table Lunch by Mix 94.5 competition winner Tanya, her fiancé Mark, and her former school friend Belinda, who now lives in Broome (pictured above).  In a marquee decorated with Chinese lanterns and fans, we sat as course after course was delivered by rickshaws until we couldn’t eat a bite more!  Broome restaurants from Matso’s Broome Brewery to Azuki Japanese did a fantastic job feeding the guests while local musicians created the perfect chilled out vibe.  Singers from the WA Opera turned in a humorous performance that bought the house down!  Barnesy fan Mark laughing at their antics, turned to me and said “it’s not Jimmy, but they weren’t bad.”  High praise indeed!  Mark and Tanya are heading to the world's oldest picture garden,  Sun Pictures tonight, they certainly won’t be hungry for popcorn after that enormous lunch!

  • Wake up Sammy!

    by Jo Durbridge | Aug 31, 2012

    Sammy the dragon

    Shinju Matsuri has officially begun! Attending the opening ceremony at the Pearl Luggers, Tanya and Mark saw colourful Sammy the Dragon awoken from his year long slumber to the sound of drums and firecrackers to the delight of locals and visitors to Broome.  I’m not sure if Tanya was transfixed by the dragon’s moves but she was almost taken out by Sammy as he weaved his way along Dampier Terrace! We then headed to the Roebuck Bay Hotel (known locally as The Roey, an infamous watering hole established back in 1890) to toast the beginning of the Festival of the Pearl! Tomorrow we take part in the Long Table Lunch and can’t wait to see what delicious offerings await us!

  • Willie Creek Wows!

    by Jo Durbridge | Aug 31, 2012

    Thanks to our friends at Willie Creek Pearls, Tanya and Mark had a ball on the Willie Creek Pearl Farm tour today where their guide entertained them while revealing the processes of today’s modern cultured pearling industry.  The tour included a cruise along the turquoise waters of Willie Creek and if that wasn’t enough excitement, Mark was flown in a chopper to see the stunning creek system from the air (boys and their toys!) Tanya also tried on a $195,000 strand of pearls (a potential wedding present from her fiancé perhaps!)  I asked Tanya to take a few snaps and as you can see in the blog gallery she obliged, hamming it up for the camera to great effect – even managing to befriend Willie Creek’s resident croc!  Glad you had a great time guys and we will see you at the Shinju Matsuri Opening this afternoon. 

  • We're Here!

    by Jo Durbridge | Aug 30, 2012


    Our competition winner Tanya and her fiancé Mark arrived at Broome International Airport with huge smiles on their faces ready to begin their Broome getaway!  After finishing work and organising care for the kids (plus a cat and a not-so-well pet rat) these guys are ready to relax and chill out!  Chatting to fellow passengers, Tanya declared they were the most excited people on the plane, thrilled to have won the competition and ready for their Shinju Matsuri experience.  Friendly and enthusiastic, these guys are going to be a hoot to host! After checking in at Pinctada Cable Beach Resort & Spa, they both sat back in the cane chairs on Pinctada’s deck, enjoyed their complimentary drinks and began to slip into Broometime…   

  • Winner to Wing Her Way to Broome!

    by Jo Durbridge | Aug 29, 2012

    Only one more sleep until our Mix 94.5 Shinju Matsuri competition winner, arrives in Broome for the ‘Festival of the Pearl’!   We spoke to a very excited Tanya Campbell this morning and she has already packed her thongs and swimsuit and is oh so ready to escape Perth’s chilly weather!  She can’t wait to get on that plane with her fiancé and head to sunny Broome to stay at the wonderful Pinctada Cable Beach Resort & Spa.  Ever wondered what it would be like to be in Broome during Shinju Matsuri?  Stay tuned!

    Winner to wing her way to Broome

  • Mark Bids a Final Farewell.....

    by Jo Durbridge | Jul 17, 2012

    All good things have to come to an end; our guest blogger Mark Brereton posts his final blog from the Kimblerey.......Well, they tried to kick me out of Broome on Friday just gone. I enjoyed my time here in Broome so much that I rang QANTAS and changed my flights, so now I fly back today. In anticipation of the cold weather in Adelaide, I’ve got jeans on and I’m struggling with the 30 odd degrees!  I stayed at the Broome Time Lodge for the remainder of my stay. Brad and his team really went out of their way to provide any assistance that I needed. I attended an art exhibition at The Broome Factory on Friday night, which was a great way to fill in the evening. I then got a lift to Café D’Amore from a friendly local and had a delicious meal. The chicken calzone was followed up with what could only be described as the bees knees! Sticky Date pudding with a glass of dessert wine, I definitely could have gone for seconds! Saturday saw me visiting the Courthouse Markets, grabbing a coffee from Mark and his team at Kimberley Coffee. There were numerous stalls of arts, crafts and foods. They also had live music playing on the steps of the courthouse which was really great.  On Sunday, I went out with the guys from Fish Broome to about 15-20 kms offshore. The Rarebreed II was 12m long and had 700 horses under the bonnet ‘so to speak!’  We caught a number of fish, my best one being a metre long Spanish Mackeral!. Well must run or I might miss the plane and have to stay longer!  Thanks to everyone who has been involved in organising this competition. It has been a truly fantastic opportunity, one which I will never forget!

    A final note from Australias North West....We'd like to thank Mark for embracing the opportunity to come to the Kimberley with such gusto!  It was a pleasure to show him our back yard and to introduce him to some of the fantastic people that call this region home.  We're pretty sure Mark is a Kimberley convert and it wont be long before he's back!  

  • Skippy Burger and a Corroborree to Remember!

    by Jo Durbridge | Jul 13, 2012

     Mowanjum Festival

    Guest Blogger Mark enjoys the final day of his Characters of the Kimberley prize and participates in the  Mowanjum Festival... Wowee, I was blown away with the vibrant colours, the singing, the dancing, the totems and the passion of all the corroborreee performers. It is difficult to put into words, however there was one performance in particular that I found truly mesmerising. A group of young performers dressed in black with a gold/yellow sash was mind-blowing; I could sense some sort of spiritual presence or aura. As I said, I don’t really know how to describe it. I feel honoured to have been invited to attend this festival and to have met Donny Woolagoodja. He is a remarkable man and has a deep respect for land, kin and those around him. There were performers from Nhulunboy, Timorese, and the Kimberley. It was great seeing the huge smiles on the little kids as they were performing. From what I can gather everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. For dinner, I had a skippy in a burger, kangaroo is a very lean meat and has a bit of a gamey taste. I was tossing up between the skippy burger and a snapping leather handbag burger! (for those who have never heard the expression – a crocodile can be referred to a snapping leather handbag!) What does croc taste like? I reckon it tastes like chicken! After the festival, we headed back to the Spinifex Hotel (or as locals call it - the Spinny!) and chatted over a beer and glass of wine. After drifting off to the land of the Sandman, I awoke at 5 am, wondering what it is that my body clock doesn’t understand about the fact my alarm was set for 8 am!  Today is the last day of my trip with Australia’s North West Tourism.  Although I have enjoyed it so much that I have changed my flights and am staying for an extra three nights with at Broome-Time Lodge.  I would like to say a huge thank you to Claire, Jo and Robyn from Australia's North West Tourism for sharing the wonderful sights that the Kimberley has to offer. A big thank you also to the characters of the Kimberley; Hairy Dog (I will remember your words of advice on fishing – they will be hard to forget!), El Questro Wilderness Park's Larissa White (I can see why you were picked as a character – though larrikin might be a better description), Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm's James Brown (thank you for showing me around the beautiful coastline of Cygnet Bay and the Kimberley) and Mowanjum Aboriginal Art and Cultural Centre's Donny Woolagoodja (a gentle man and great leader of his people.)

  • Meeting Donny Woolagoodja

    by Jo Durbridge | Jul 12, 2012

    Meeting Donny Woolagoodja

    Guest blogger Mark heads to Derby... I said farewell to Brad, Mel, Ben and Dani, the friendly staff at the Broome-Time Lodge.  The rooms have been recently renovated and were very well equipped. They also had solar panels installed on the majority of the roof space doing their bit for the environment. Australia's North West Tourism's Robyn picked me up and we headed off to Derby. We stopped on the way for photos at the Fitzroy River Willare Bridge crossing, and then called into Willare Bridge Roadhouse for lunch. I’d go the steakburger, the caramelised onions were mouth-watering! We stopped off along the way for a few snaps in front of some termite mounds and a huuuuge boab tree! I managed to find a boab nut and had a taste that I would describe as a little bit of sweetness with a hint of citrus! A bit like me ha ha!. Boab tubers can also be eaten and are said to have the consistency of crest nuts.   We arrived at the Mowanjum Aboriginal Art & Cultural Centre where we watched a video on the history of the three tribal groups that make up the Mowanjum community. It was very interesting to see the similarities between their beliefs in the Wandjina, being the supreme spirit being and Creator and the Christian beliefs in God. I then met the fourth and final Character of the Kimberley, Donny Woolagoodja (see photo above) who is a traditional Elder of the Wororra people and world renowned artist. He designed the Wandjina for the Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony. I understand that it is only the Wororra, Ngarinyin and Wunumbul people (many of whom live at Mowanjum, near Derby) who believe in the Wandjina, so Donny needed to gain permission from all Aborginal family groups around Australia so that his Wandjina could be used to represent all Aboriginal people of Australia. Now in its 15th year, the Mowanjum Festival  includes traditional dances from the local Worrora, Ngarinyin and Wunumbul people who make up the Mowanjum community, as well as performance from groups from Fitzroy Crossing, Warmun, and elsewhere in the Kimberley. There will be workshops in boab carving, didgeridoo playing and more.  As the sun sets, the wonga [welcome dance] begins. This will be the largest traditional corroboree in WA that is open to the general public.  We’ve arrived safely at the Spinifex Hotel in Derby and will be heading back to Mowanjum for the corroboree tonight.

  • Beer, Camels and Dinosaur Footprints

    by Jo Durbridge | Jul 12, 2012

    Broome-Time Lodge Pool

    Guest blogger Mark checks out Broome… yesterday I woke up early eager/nervous about the interview with ABC radio here in Broome.  As the winner of the Characters of the Kimberley Competition it turns out there has been some media interest in my visit.  As if I wasn’t apprehensive enough, interviewer George Manning told me on air that they broadcast to 450,000 square kilometres!! That all went smoothly, all be it with a little embarrassment on my behalf! The interview wasn’t as daunting as I thought.  Mind you, my Irish mate (ANW”s Claire) helped out!  Went and checked out the pool at the Broome-Time Lodge and  I must say it looked very inviting and if I had more time, I would have jumped in!   I headed out for a camel ride with Red Sun Camels which was pretty cool. A few of them were making all sorts of noises like they had woken up on the wrong side of the bed or something! We meandered up Cable Beach in two camel trains (turns out north of the rocks is also frequented by nudists – ha ha!).   I was on a ‘baby’ camel named Muscles;  he is eight year old and is still learning the ropes. Considering that they are old when they are 40, I think I’m getting up there in camel years!  After that, I had a huge feed at the Sunset Bar and Grill for breakfast, so much so, that I didn’t need lunch.  I have an interest in photography so spontaneously called into Red Dirt Photography. Unfortunately photographer Nigel was out organising an exhibition, but I did get to meet his lovely partner Helen. If you are in Broome, be sure to call in and say hi to them. Nigel does photographic tours around Broome, so you get to see the beautiful sights of Broome and surrounds, along with some professional advice and expertise.  In the afternoon I toured with  Kimberley Wild Expeditions  on their Half Day Broome Sights Tour which gave a lot of the surrounding areas. I think I saw footprints of an old school principal out near Gantheaume Point where there are a number of dinosaur footprints! We called into Cygnet Bay Pearls showroom and viewed the world’s largest fine quality round South Sea pearl. I'd swear, if it had three holes in it, you'd be able to use it ten pin bowling!  The tour included a visit to Matso’s Broome Brewery . . . hence the lateness of my blog!  Ginger beer, chilli beer, mango beer, lychee beer, Pearlers Pale Ale … where does one begin?  We then dropped some people off for a sunset camel ride at Cable Beach, while the rest of us headed back to the ‘locals’ end of the beach. Who would have thought you could drive a bus down on to the beach!  After a couple of swims, a couple of beverages, and a few nibbles, we picked the others up and were then dropped back at our hotels.

  • A Pearler of a Day!

    by Jo Durbridge | Jul 10, 2012

    Elder Bruce Wiggan and Mark


    Guest blogger Mark continues his stay at Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm... This morning Australia's North West Tourism host Jo and I were treated to breakfast at the Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm Mantle Café which was scrumptious! Hats off to Robbie, Ivan and David the cooks for looking after us with fantastic meals during our stay. Rihanna then showed us the different types and classes of pearls; they had some beauties, that’s for sure! Jo then tried a $53k set of pearls that looked the goods; she reckons her hubby has five years to save up for the strand for her 50th birthday! We then met Flynny, who explained to us the process of growing and harvesting pearls and then took us for a spin around the bay. We had a look at the farm employees cleaning the lines and mother of pearl shells. We then went and checked out Shell Island, then off to the harvesting shed where the technicians remove the pearl from the shells and replant a new nucleus thereby starting the growth of a new pearl. I bumped in to a mate of mine from my days in Darwin, Cameron who was travelling with his wife Jacquie and their three children. As it turned out, we went out on the same boat tour this morning with them! I met an elder of the Bardi Jawi people, Bruce Wiggan (see image above). The Bardi people are the Aboriginal traditional owners of the land North of Broome and parts of the Dampier Peninsula. I would like to pass my thanks to Bruce for sharing his beautiful country with me, along with stories of the Riji – carved pearl shell and red ochre. I have purchased one of his riji, intricately carved with a map of the ocean currents and whirlpools of which I experienced first hand on yesterday’s boat tour. After the tour, I had a quick bite to eat and said goodbye to James, Paula and some of the other staff who looked after us during our stay. I would like to thank James Brown (Farm Manager) and his wife Sarah, Bruce Wigan, Paula (the lovely Irish backpacker who now calls Cygnet Bay home), Zara, Mark, Flynny, Robby, David and Ivan. We returned to Broome and I have checked into the Broome-Time Lodge, greeted by Ben and Danni. The rooms have recently been renovated and have excellent facilities (full sized fridge/freezer, stove top, microwave and complimentary wi-fi internet). Tomorrow, I have a morning camel ride along Cable Beach with Red Sun Camels, followed by interviews with the local Broome newspaper and ABC radio! Another first for me! The afternoon will see me seeing the sights in and around Broome with Kimberley Wild. Well, will catch up with you all tomorrow! 

  • Hitting the high seas!

    by Jo Durbridge | Jul 09, 2012

    Bali Hai Resort

    Marks blog continues......The accommodation was fantastic at Bali Hai Resort, especially the bath! I would like to say thank you to Tracey, Tadami and Marty for the professional and friendly service. Tadami was doing laundry for the resort and kindly helped with folding my clothes, though I made sure that I folded my boxer shorts!! We picked up the “spaceship”, a red FJ Cruiser from Broome Broome Car Hire and headed off to The Zoo for breaky (I’d highly rate the Gypsy Eggs!) and a coffee before hitting the road for the Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm. We arrived and met Zara at reception who introduced me to Paula and James Brown (as it turns out, for a very knowledgeable marine biologist, I don’t imagine him to be too crash hot a singer!) We went out on one of the tenders with James and a few members of his crew to check the sights around the Buccaneer Archipelago and the Kimberley coastline. We checked out Shell Island (named, strangely enough due to it being covered in seashells!) Keep in mind the tides were changing from high to low when the first photo was taken. About an hour later, it was high tide and the second photo of me stranded shows it at high tide! We continued on to Sunday Island and checked out Running Waters, a natural fresh water spring that flowed out to the ocean. After a cuppa and a few nibblies, I decided to brave the “freezing cold (according to James!)” waters of the bay for a swim. Compared to jumping in a pool back home, the water was beautifully warm haha. On the way back to the mainland, we spotted some egrets and some dolphins from a distance. There was a mother and calf who I managed to get a couple of shots of. James reckoned the money shot was one of a dolphin jumping out of the water with their catamaran, Escapade, in the background. When I said no worries, I’ll sell the picture to you; he mentioned that Fipper had to be winking at the camera! Once back on dry land, we scrubbed up and headed to the Mess for dinner with the crew. This is an option for visitors to the Farm if they decide they would like to. Ivan (the cook) put on a great feed for us, so much so that I had seconds on the coconut caramel pudding! I’m staying in a luxury tent which is well, luxurious! I’ll upload photos tomorrow. I’m just having some issues with the internet...a small price to pay for this stunning remote location. Australia’s oldest operating pearl farm at Cygnet Bay was established by Dean Murdoch Brown. In the 1940’s and 50’s, Dean’s business was concerned with the collection of mother-of-pearl shell. This all changed in the late 50’s when Dean’s sons revolutionized the industry. Lyndon, strove to perfect the art of pearl cultivation and eventually unlocked the secret of seeding a pearl shell. Today the farm is home to three generations of the Brown family. Bruce and Alison’s son, James, studied marine biology at James Cook University, Queensland, and is now the Farm Manager.  Stand by for the next intstallment of Marks amazing adventures!

  • Coooooeeeeeeee!

    by Jo Durbridge | Jul 08, 2012


    El Questro Wilderness Park Guide Larissa leads guest blogger Mark together with a group of visitors to the park, in a loud Aussie cooooeeeeee! Listen carefully, can you hear the echo from the Cockburn Ranges?

  • Leisurely Stroll to Waterfall

    by Jo Durbridge | Jul 08, 2012

    El Questro Wilderness Park

    Guest blogger Mark's 'Characters of the Kimberley' adventure continues...The “leisurely stroll” up El Questro Gorge was amazing! Larissa had said that there was a water crossing half along that was at about chest height that we needed to get through if we wanted to get to the end of the gorge. Once Claire and Larissa hardened up, they said that the water was fine! With the benefit of hindsight, Claire describes it as positively tropical! We made our way through the crossing and continued our way to the end. We were greeted with a gorgeous waterfall and pool that just beckoned. Once again, the girls were too soft to jump in, so I made the most of it after they twisted my arm. I swam like a half drowned goldfish out to the waterfall and climbed up onto the rocks below. Sitting under the waterfall was unbelievably refreshing and was quite massaging. We definitely timed it well as we had the pool to ourselves until we decided to head back. On the way back we met Frankie J Holden who was there with his family on holidays. Claire and I then headed to Emma Gorge for a delicious lunch before heading back to Kununurra to catch a flight back to Broome. My thanks to Lori, Larissa and their fantastic staff for a most enjoyable stay.

  • Flaming Hula Hoops and Rhythm & Blues!

    by Jo Durbridge | Jul 08, 2012

    Larissa doing her rock wallaby impersonation

    More from guest blogger Mark…Last night at the Station, we had a barbeque and a range of delicious salads and some beautiful deserts to finish it off. A couple of bands were playing a variety of rhythm and blues which was very entertaining. A couple of girls were also swinging flaming hula hoops around their body, better them than me! When I say ‘flaming’ I don’t mean like “flaming heck, check out that”, I mean they were literally on fire! I also met Karry who is the new horse riding guru at El Questro Wilderness Park starting work today! Yet again, I wake up to the sound of running water, this time it’s the river which is no more than 15 metres from my room! The accommodation (we stayed in the bungalows) was fantastic, with one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in. There is a range of seven different types of tea and two types of coffee (including plunger coffee!) The furniture was in keeping with an old homestead, warm and rustic. This morning we are off to El Questro Gorge which includes a section of wading through chest high water. I hope they’ve remembered to turn the heater on!!

  • Breathtaking Scenery at El Questro Wilderness Park

    by Jo Durbridge | Jul 07, 2012

    El Questro Wilderness Park

    Guest blogger Mark journeys into El Questro Wilderness Park...We arrived at The Station this morning a little later than planned as we had to stop part way there to get internet access to send of details for the blog! The Gibb River Road was in pretty good nick and the entrance road to ELQ was a little corrugated, I've still got all of my teeth though! :) We met the young larrikin Larissa who has been our guide for the visit. We headed up to Zebedee Springs (named after a character from the children's TV show - The Magic Roundabout), a natural series of hot springs. These springs are also known as the Healing Pool and ... the Fertility Pool! Apparently one group had eight woman fall pregnant after visiting haha! We returned to the Station for lunch before heading up to Explosion Gorge for a boat ride. The scenery was spectacular with endless shades of red in the cliffs speckled with the greens and browns of trees and shrubs.We then made our way up to Branco’s Lookout for a cheese platter and wine, oh it’s tough work being on holidays in the Kimberley! We also saw a Gouldian Finch which is quite rare in the Kimberley. The view from here was breathtaking, from here we looked out over the Pentecost River and out over the Homestead. Well, I’m off to listen to blues and have beverage or two. I’ll get back to you tomorrow from the beautiful town of Broome.

  • Bye Bye Hairy Dog

    by Jo Durbridge | Jul 07, 2012

    Mark and Hairy Dog go fishing

    Mark's adventures continue...  Waking up with the sun rising was something I haven’t done in a while. Being a Uni student on mid-year break, I’ve been sleeping in most mornings. Not on this trip though, there are too many people to meet, and things to see. Well, this morning I have an interview with the region's local newspapers the Kimberley Echo and the Broome Advertiser. We say thanks and farewell to Hairy Dog and Jane and are now off to El Questro Wilderness Park to meet Larissa, the second character of the Kimberley. We will be going to Zebedee Springs for a swim in the thermal springs!!  On reflection, it turned out that what Hairy Dog advertisements say are true. There really are crocs coming out of your ears and there’s a barra on the end of every stick!

  • Fishing Adventures with Hairy Dog

    by Jo Durbridge | Jul 07, 2012

    Mark and Barra

    Well, what a day!!! We arrived at Hairy Dog’s fishing camp and I was immediately in awe. As I type this, all I can hear is the river flowing over the rock bar. To quote a great Aussie classic … How’s the serenity. After a chin wag with Hairy Dog (he’s an absolute champion bloke) over a coffee, we headed down to the boats and loaded up. Come hell or high water, we were going to catch a barra! Hairy Dog reckons that the one that I stuffed up on was a 90 odd cm fish; I reckon it was more like 140cm! Anyway, I managed to hook up and land a 73cm barra very shortly after the first one got away. My very first barra ever and boy did it taste beautiful for dinner!! Giggedy giggedy! Claire got the record for the smallest fish, which she gave a kiss before releasing. She denied it, but Hairy Dog and I reckon she may have enjoyed kissing old fish lips a little too much! My next hook up was the most exciting of the day, I caught the rare and illusive stick fish! Claire then hooked an 83cm barra which was released after a few photos were taken. Hairy Dog had some great words of advice on using the flipping rod! After a beautiful feed put on by Jane (Mrs Hairy Dog) of the barramundi that I caught, we sat around the campfire sharing stories over a few sherbets. There was even coffee with a splash of Ord River Rum in it, or was it an Ord River Rum with a splash of coffee?! It’s been an awesome day and one that I would highly recommend. Cheers to Hairy Dog and Jane!

  • Barra Beware!

    by Jo Durbridge | Jul 06, 2012

    Driving to Hairy Dog's Fishing Camp

    After a sound night’s sleep, my body clock woke well before I really needed to! I’m now heading out to meet Greg Harman (aka Hairy Dog). Not sure why but his name reminds me of Mad Dog Morgan, I hope he doesn’t mind me saying this! Looking forward to catching my first barra, bring it on!!!  Back home in Mount Gambier it was 0.7 degrees at 6.30am this morning. Here in Kununurra at 6.30 am it was 14.8 degrees. I’m in shorts and a t-shirt, North West local Claire, thinks its cold and has got a fleece jumper on!!

  • Spaghetti Ice Cream in Kununurra?

    by Jo Durbridge | Jul 06, 2012

    Kununurra Country Club Resort

    Guest blogger Mark Brereton landed safely in Kununurra yesterday – take it away Mark…

    We picked up our hire car and made our way to the Kununurra Country Club Resort.  It almost seemed that the mad Irish driver (Australia’s North West Tourism’s Claire!) thought she was still driving in Belfast at times! We checked in to the resort which set in a picturesque location and the rooms are very comfortable. Thank goodness for the ceiling fan (madly spinning in the image), as being a ‘Southerner’, 25 degrees outside seemed exceptionally hot! We had a beautiful meal at The Pumphouse Restaurant. It’s located on the edge of Lake Kununurra with schools of large catfish hanging around looking for a feed. The resident crocodiles (Harry and Luigi) in the lake were not there last night; apparently it is too cold for them!  The pork belly was perfectly cooked and that along with the duck for entrée were more than enough to fill me up. Though I had noticed spaghetti ice-cream on the menu (not sure what that one entailed).  Had an early night in preparation to meet Hairy Dog and catch some barra. Five years in the Northern Territory and I never caught one!

  • Guest Blogger Arrives in Kimberley

    by Jo Durbridge | Jul 05, 2012

    Mark will be seeing real boab trees soon!

    Our guest blogger Mark Brereton is in the region and currently on the final leg of his flight to Kununurra.  So what did we learn about Mark in his 15 minutes transit in Broome?  He used to be in the Royal Australian Air Force,  he is from Mount Gambier not Adelaide as previously posted (sorry Mark!), excitement about his visit to the Kimberley means he has been awake since 1.30am this morning WA time and his reaction on winning the Characters of the Kimberley competition was “Are you S#%$@*#* me?” Mark (pictured) will be amongst real boab trees soon!

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