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With consistent fine weather for months on end comes a line-up of fantastic outdoor events set against some of the most stunning natural backdrops you will ever see. Use the search buttons below to select dates, themes or locations to help you include some exciting events in your holiday plans!


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28 Apr 2013

Staircase to the Moon - 28 April 2013

Coastline of Onslow, Dampier, Point Samson Peninsular, Port Hedland & Broome

Witness this breathtaking natural phenomenon caused by the rising of the full moon reflecting of the mudflats at extremely low tide - creating a beautiful optical illusion of stairs reaching the moon. It occurs along the coastline at Onslow, Dampier, Point Samson Peninsula, Hearson Cove, Port Hedland and Broome. The times vary for each location so check with your local visitor centre for up to the minute info

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