Thinking of a trip to Kununurra this year or next? Destination WA hosts Trevor Cochrane and Carmen Braidwood have done the leg work for you!

They hopped on a flight from Perth, road-tested your itinerary and created this fantastic video guide. Sit back, hit play and find out everything you need to know for your trip to Kununurra.

Part 1: once you arrive in Kununurra, head to the Visitor Centre for some expert advice and tips, before exploring the town and surrounds.

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Kununurra Visitor Centre

The PumpHouse

Part 2: there's even more to explore around town! Discover the famous Argyle pink diamonds, cross the incredible Ord River at Ivanhoe Crossing, and plan a sunset at Mirima National Park followed by dinner at the Pump House.

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Kimberley Fine Diamonds

Part 3: How to find Kununurra's beautiful waterfalls, including a self-drive discovery, and exploring on tour.

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Have an adventure with:


HOT Tours

Kimberley 4X4 Tours

Part 4: Incredible waterways. From taking a stroll around Lily Creek Lagoon, to an Ord River adventure or a sunset BBQ on the water, there are lots of ways to explore.

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Have an adventure with:

Triple J Tours

Kununurra Cruises

Go Wild Adventures

Part 5: Waringarri Aboriginal Arts is not only one of Australia's premier Aboriginal Arts Centres, but also offers authentic art and culture tours with local Miriwoong tour guides.

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Waringari Aboriginal Arts

Artlandish Aboriginal Art Gallery

Part 6: The iconic El Questro. Close enough to Kununurra to take a day trip, or plan a few days to experience all things El Questro - gorges, 4WD tours, boat tours, horse riding, helicopter tours and more.

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Plan your El Questro trip:

El Questro Emma Gorge

El Questro The Station

El Questro The Homestead

El Questro Tours Activities

Part 7: Another great option for a day trip or longer is Lake Argyle, 70km from Kununurra. You can self drive, or take a tour to get there. While at the lake, discover the Argyle Downs Homestead and the story of the Argyle Dam, and get out on the water by boat tour, hire boats and equipment, or even on a seaplane or helicopter adventure.

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Plan your Lake Argyle Adventure with:


Lake Arygle Resort - Caravan, Camping and Accommodation

Lake Argyle Cruises

Kimberley Air Tours

Part 8: The otherworldly Bungle Bungle Range at Purnululu National Park. Just over 300km from Kununurra, you can do a great day or overnight trips by air, with guided walking tours on land, or self-drive to the National Park to spend a couple of days exploring. There's a range of accommodation there too!

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