Heading to the eastern part of the Kimberley on your travels? There's more to do than you can shake a stick at! We've created a list of our top experiences in Kununurra and at Lake Argyle, and there's even more for you to discover for yourself!

Lake Argyle

  1. Dine under a star-lit sky from a private lookout. Cue an incredible sunset with the glow of the lake’s rugged red surrounds and you will wonder why you would ever choose to dine indoors again. The Gourmet Camp Oven Experience combines local produce and bush tucker with creative flair. Ord River rum chocolate brownie, vanilla bean ice-cream, salted caramel sauce and powdered boab anyone?
  2. Camping’s always fun at Lake Argyle Resort but sometimes you just need a real bed with the comforts of home. That’s where the Lake View Villas come in. Did we mention you have your very own uninterrupted view of one of the most beautiful vistas in the Kimberley?
  3. Naysayers said it was impossible to build an infinity pool on what appears to be the edge of the rugged Kimberley itself. Thank goodness Lake Argyle Resort’s owner Charlie Sharpe didn’t listen! An attraction in itself, you will have a ‘pinch me’ moment as you submerge yourself in the pool’s refreshing water and gaze across the ancient landscape.
    Sunset cruise on Lake Argyle
  4. Let your expert guide show you the lake’s highlights on a relaxing day cruise. Explore the islands and sip a beverage on board or in the water as the sun goes down. If ‘twitching’ is more your style, you’re in luck as there are 270 species of birds recorded in this region. Lake Argyle Cruises’ birdwatching tours won’t disappoint, especially if you spot the rare Gouldian finch.
  5. Have your James Bond moment and land on the immense Lake Argyle in a seaplane. Kimberley Air Tours takes it to the next level with sunset nibbles on one of the lake’s secluded island beaches. They also offer a seaplane tour option which flies you to the Bungle Bungles and Lake Argyle. Both depart from Kununurra with the Bungle Bungle option also departing from Lake Argyle If there is a minimum of 2 people.
  6. Sure, gazing out at the magnificent view of the lake and its picturesque surrounds will leave you gobsmacked, but for a different water perspective hire a paddle board, a kayak, or a boat. Feeling social? Grab the family or some buddies and take one of the BBQ Pontoons for a spin on the lake – no boat licence necessary.
    Canoeing on Lake Argyle
  7. You’ve been wowed by the view of the lake now get yourself in it! It’s as good as it looks. You can paddle out from the boat ramp or swim from your boat. Stroll the bush trail below the resort to access the lake and get that swimsuit wet. If you are a serious swimmer take it up a notch and enter the Lake Argyle Swim which takes place each May.
  8. Try your hand at fishing. The lake’s ‘Silver Cobbler’ can reach up to an astonishing 40kg! Fishing guides can lead you to where the fish are biting to give you a fighting chance of a catch.
  9. Cycle the moderate 5km Lake Argyle Mountain Bike Track. When a mountain bike ride has lake views this stunning, it takes all your concentration to focus on the trail ahead. Ready for a bigger challenge? Each August you can swim, paddle, run and cycle your way to victory in the Lake Argyle Adventure Race.
  10. Follow the network of bushwalking trails adjacent to Lake Argyle Resort. Inhale the fragrance of the Aussie bush as you keep an eye out for the local wildlife. Bonus points if you spot the elusive echidna.
    Diving Tours at Lake Argyle
  11. Discover the region’s past as you wander through the former home of the pioneering Durack family. Transformed into the Argyle Homestead Museum, you will get an insight into the area’s social history of the 1800s.
  12. Explore the lake from a different perspective. Underwater! Plan your visit in October, when visibility will be high - perfect for a scuba diving tour with Pilbara Dive and Tours. Whether you want to see schools of fish or remnants of the original homestead site, which was submerged in the 1970s, there are dive tours for all interests and abilities.



Taking in the views across Kununurra


  1. Bag a barramundi. Easier said than done, but if you tap into the knowledge of a fishing guide your odds increase substantially. If the fish are just not biting for you, then rest assured you will find barra on the menu at most Kununurra cafés and restaurants.
  2. Stressed? Then head out for some ‘float therapy’ on one of the local waterholes. Floating on your back surrounded by nature will soothe your soul. While it can be tricky convincing a local to share their secret swimming spot, the Kununurra Visitor Centre will help you find those spring-fed and seasonal gems and perhaps a waterfall too.
    Spring Creek Waterhole near Kununura
  3. Sip a home-grown rum at the Hoochery. Refreshingly, this is no slick, industrialised distillery. Brimming with character due to founder Spike’s magpie nature, the corrugated iron interior unquestionably radiates outback charm but it’s their award-winning rums produced the old-fashioned way that ultimately impresses. Their booze-filled desserts will also tempt you.
  4. Taste the local produce. Kununurra’s mango smoothies are legendary! The fertile soil and tropical climate make Kununurra the ideal place to grow juicy mangoes, sweet melons and the ever-popular superfood chia seed. With French cosmetic houses holding Kununurra’s sandalwood in high regard, don’t forget to try the local sandalwood creams and soaps on offer.
    Tasting paddle at The Hoochery in Kununurra
  5. Wander the art galleries and meet the talented artists at work. Inspired by, and deeply connected to the land, Aboriginal artists use traditional techniques and modern tools to craft a special piece of the East Kimberley for you to take home.
  6. Pressed for time and not able to see the Bungles this time around? We’ve got you sorted! A mini version exists five minute's drive east of Kununurra at Mirima National Park. The changing light brings out those rich Kimberley hues and you will almost question whether you are indeed at the Bungles themselves. Follow the signposted bush trails and boardwalk or climb the stairs to the elevated platforms to get right amongst the layered rocky cliffs.
    Views of Mirima National Park in Kununurra
  7. Want to see a crocodile? Or maybe a fish that oddly shoots water to catch its insect prey? Keen to see the many birds that populate Kununurra? The Ord River is jam-packed with wildlife both in the water and on its banks. Cruise the waterways with a tour guide. Not only will their trained eyes seek out camouflaged wildlife but these guides are also geological geniuses, able to answer any questions on those imposing rock formations that line the river. Watching a stunning sunset from a cruise on Lake Kununurra is also a must-do.
  8. We all know the swagman camped by a billabong, but how many Aussies have seen a billabong in real life? Crank up Waltzing Matilda, take the unsealed Parry Creek Road and discover Marglu Billabong at Parry’s Lagoon Nature Reserve. This tranquil wetland is a haven for some 160 bird species. Stroll the boardwalk, find a comfortable spot in the bird hide and see how many birds you can tick of your list. Want to stay a little longer? Accommodation, powered and unpowered sites are available.