Whale & Dolphin Watching

Witness the incredible annual whale migration from the south-west to the most important humpback whale nursery in the Southern Hemisphere, the Kimberley Coast. Up to 20,000 whales may make the annual migration to breeding grounds in the Camden Sound, arriving from June to November each year. Other whale species recorded in the area include the minke whale and the false killer whale.

Whale watching can be as simple as gazing out from the long Pilbara and Kimberley coastline, or take your search to the water on a whale watching tour! Coastal scenic fixed wing and helicopter flights can often deliver a birds eye view, and whales are just one of the many incredible experiences on a Kimberley cruise. 

In Broome, the waters of Roebuck Bay are home to small numbers of the Australian snubfin dolphin - a shy but photogenic dolphin that feeds on the seagrasses in the sheltered waters of the Bay, and along the Dampier Peninsula coast. Deeper waters are also home to other species of dolphin, including bottlenose and humpback dolphins.