Marble Bar Welcome sign

Man standing at the Marble Bar welcome sign which reads "Warmest welcome from Australia's hottest town."

Marble Bar

While Marble Bar has earned the reputation of the hottest town in Australia from the consistently high temperatures it receives, the winter months boast mild daytime temperatures and cool nights, perfect for sightseeing.

Marble Bar gets its name from what was thought to be a colourful Marble Bar that crosses the Coongan River. The rock is in fact jasper. Cool off in the swimming hole below the jasper and the adjacent Chinaman’s Pool, both popular picnicking spots.

This interesting outback town was pioneered during the gold rush days of the late 1800’s. Marble Bar is also home to the Comet Gold Mine and the Corunna Downs Airbase which was one of the best kept secrets of World War 2.

While there are many interesting and historical places to visit in Marble Bar, don’t forget to pose with the town’s sunburst sign which states “Warmest welcome from Australia’s Hottest Town.” Don’t be put off by the heat though - from April to September the area enjoys mild daytime temperatures and cooler nights, and its nearby gorges and swimming holes are ideal spots for a cooling swim.

Coincide your visit to Marble Bar with the biggest event on the town’s calendar. The Marble Bar Horse Race! A social occasion since 1893, join the locals as they gather at the red dirt racetrack to enjoy the country picnic race day atmosphere.  

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