Staircase to the Moon

You have to see it to believe it! This amazing natural phenomenon takes place along the Pilbara and Kimberley Coastline, when the full moon rising across the exposed tidal flats creates the impression of a staircase leading to the moon.

Scroll down for locations and dates and times for Staircase to the Moon:

Best locations to view Staircase to the Moon


The Staircase appears along the shores of Roebuck Bay - Town Beach and the Mangrove Hotel are the most popular spots, with night markets at Town Beach complementing this special event. 

The Broome Explorer Bus operates extra services for the Staircase to the Moon operating to the Town Beach Markets and Mangrove Hotel. For details of these services, click here.

Dampier Peninsula

Staircase to the Moon may be viewed from the western side of the Peninsula at Gambanan campsite, or from Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm.


First Avenue in Onslow is a beautiful spot for Staircase to the Moon.


Head to the Lookout at Settler's Beach in Cossack for Staircase to the Moon in this beautifully restored ghost town.

Karratha & Dampier

A half an hour’s drive from Karratha, Hearson’s Cove’s expansive mud flats make it an ideal spot to watch the Staircase.

Port Hedland

A special Staircase to the Moon viewing deck is located next to the Cooke Point Caravan Park on Goode Street. 

Point Samson

The Point Samson Peninsula offers spectacular viewing of Staircase to the Moon from the viewing platform.

Cape Keraudren Nature Reserve

Campers at Cape Keraudren Nature Reserve have a prime spot for Staircase viewing.

Staircase to the Moon Dates and Times 2023

These are the dates and times for Broome. In the Pilbara, the Staircase appears a few minutes later than Broome, so please check with the local visitor centre for the correct times for that location. 

These dates and times have been kindly supplied by Greg Quicke's Astro Tours. Visibility may vary in strength depending on weather, sunset, moonrise and the tides. Staircase to the Moon Markets in Broome are held at the Town Beach Precinct on Hamersley Street for one night of the full moon April – October. These dates are highlighted with a * in the calendar below; markets also take place every Thursday night from June to September. 

March 2023

Wednesday 8th 6.50pm

Thursday 9th 7.23pm

Friday 10th 7.57pm

April 2023

Friday 7th 6.34pm*

Saturday 8th 7.13pm

Sunday 9th 7.58pm

May 2023

Saturday 6th 5.53pm

Sunday 7th 6.42pm*

Monday 8th 7.37pm

June 2023

Monday 5th 6.26pm*

Tuesday 6th 7.31pm

Wednesday 7th 8.38pm

July 2023

Tuesday 4th 6.20pm*

Wednesday 5th 7.29pm

Thursday 6th 8.35pm

August 2023

Wednesday 2nd 6.15pm*

Thursday 3rd 7.21pm

Friday 4th 8.23pm

August/September 2023

Thursday 31st August 6.03pm

Friday 1st September 7.05pm*

Saturday 2nd September 8.45pm

September/October 2023

Saturday 30th September 6.45pm*

Sunday 1st October 7.45pm

Monday 2nd October 8.45pm

October 2023

Sunday 29th 6.26pm*

Monday 30th 7.28pm

Tuesday 31st 8.29pm

Staircase to the Moon 2024

March 2024

Monday 25th 6.24pm

Tuesday 26th 6.49pm

Wednesday 27th 7.15pm

April 2024

Thursday 25th 6.20pm

Friday 26th 6.58pm

Saturday 27th 7.43pm

May 2024

Friday 24th 5.40pm

Saturday 25th 6.32pm

Sunday 26th 7.31pm

June 2024

Sunday 23rd 6.26pm

Monday 24th 7.35pm

Tuesday 25th 8.45pm

July 2024

Monday 22nd 6.29pm

Tuesday 23rd 7.41pm

Thursday 24th 8.51pm

August 2024

Tuesday 20th 6.31pm

Wednesday 21st 7.42pm

Thrusday 22nd 8.52pm

September 2024

Wednesday 18th 6.28pm

Thursday 19th 7.40pm

Friday 20th 8.52pm

October 2024

Thursday 17th 6.25pm

Friday 18th 7.39pm

Saturday 19th 8.53pm

November 2024

Saturday 16th 7.40pm

Sunday 17th 8.52pm