Submit an event

Your event description must be as clear as possible, and must include: 

  • Event title
  • Event description (at least 100 words)
  • Dates with start and end times
  • A high-resolution image; landscape and at least 1920px wide. This will be displayed as the hero image for the event
  • Website URL for enquiries and to provide further information about the event

You may also include ticketing details and a map of the event location. 

The types of events suitable for our website include:

  • Major community events/festivals
  • Art and cultural exhibitions
  • Music and theatre performances
  • Community markets
  • Food and wine events
  • Major sporting events

The Australia's North West Tourism Events Calendar aims to provide a range of Pilbara and Kimberley events for locals and visitors to the region. Corporate events, conferences, seminars, fundraising events and galas and non-leisure focused exhibitions, or other events which do not meet the content requirements will not be published.

We aim to review and publish these events as live (or make contact with you) within 48 hours.