Halls Creek

At the northern edge of the Great Sandy Desert and Tanami Desert, Halls Creek is the gateway to a range of renowned natural attractions and outback drives.

Travel the spectacular Australian outback along the Tanami and Duncan Roads, and the Canning Stock Route. Visit the World Heritage listed Bungle Bungle ranges of Purnululu National Park and Wolfe Creek Crater.

How to get to Halls Creek

Halls Creek is on the Great Northern Highway, 683km from Broome and 359km from Kununurra. The closest town to Halls Creek is Fitzroy Crossing, 290km to the west. Domestic flights from Perth to Broome and Kununurra depart year round, and direct flights from Sydney and Melbourne to Broome are available during the summer months. Car Hire is available in Broome and Kununurra.


Halls Creek was the site of Western Australia’s first gold discovery in 1885, for a brief period it became prospecting grounds to more than 15,000 people from all over the world.

In 1885 a prospector named Charles Hall struck gold at the edges of the Great Sandy and Tanami Deserts in remote North West Australia – a huge 28 ounce gold nugget. It was the first discovery of payable gold in WA and the beginning of a short lived but important gold rush, leading to the development of a small centre for commerce and trade just 15 km from the current site of Halls Creek.

By 1954, old Halls Creek was all but abandoned as people moved to the new town site, and now stands in ruins. Today you can see the foundations of the old mine shaft, sections of the old post-office and the cemetery, where many Kimberley pioneers were buried.

Halls Creek is home to successful farming and mining industries and is a great base for exploring the area’s natural and historical attractions. Halls Creek was also the last stop for farmers driving cattle along the legendary Canning Stock Route.


Take a tour or scenic flight from Halls Creek to the World Heritage listed Purnululu National Park and Bungle Bungle Range. Visit the second largest meteorite crater in the world at Wolfe Creek Crater National Park. Marvel at the China Wall, a six-metre high wall of quartz rock believed to be part of the longest single fault of its type in the world. Check out the old Halls Creek town site, a reminder of the town’s mining history. Enjoy the peace and beauty of the fresh water springs at Palm Springs or Caroline’s Pool. Head out to Sawpit Gorge for a swim, picnic and a spot of fishing.

National Parks

Wolfe Creek Crater National Park

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Bungle Bungle

Rising 300 metres above the grass-covered plains that surround them, the orange and black sandstone domes known as the Bungle Bungle are one of the world’s most fascinating geological landmarks.

Outback Drive Routes

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Natural Attractions

Sawpit Gorge

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Palm Springs

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Caroline Pool

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History & Heritage

Old Halls Creek

The old townsite of Halls Creek is located on the Duncan Road, just 15km from today's townsite on the Great Northern Highway. Old Halls Creek is the site of the first payable gold find in WA in…

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