Camel Safaris

A winding train of camels treads peacefully along the beach, waves lapping against the shore as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean - truly one of the iconic images from Broome in Western Australia.

Camels became a feature on Cable Beach starting in the early 1980’s, when Abdul Latif Casley and his family arrived in town after travelling with their camels from Katherine. Mr Casley introduced full day tours aboard his camels, with sunset trips following in 1987 upon a suggestion from a local hotelier. Decades later, camel rides on a beach are synonymous with Broome, and visitors from Australia and around the world pay a visit to Cable Beach to enjoy a camel ride for themselves, or to snap a pic.

And what an experience - the undulating rhythm of the camels lulls you into relaxation and draws you into the carefree pace of what the locals call “Broome Time”.

Choose from three tour times - morning,  pre-sunset and sunset tours, with tour durations from 30-90 minutes. The shorter morning and pre-sunset tours may be most suitable for young children; very young children (under 5) may sit on their parents lap. A weight limit applies for individual riders, as well as a combined weight limit for each camel/two passengers.

Broome Camel Safaris

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