Matso’s Brewery is one of Broome's icons and a visit to this pearling town is not complete without enjoying a refreshing drink at this character filled building across from the bay.


Here is why you should have this drinking hole on your travel hit list!


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1. They produce quirky beers such as Chilli Beer and Mango Beer. Get some mates together and photograph each other’s expressions as that Chili beer makes it way down your throat. Not bad you think and then KAPOW – the heat of the chilli hits you! If you are not brave enough to try the Chilli by itself, ask the staff if you can try a Chango beer – a mixture of the Chilli and Mango Beer.


2. They use beer in their food. Whaaaaaat? Genius! How does a Wagyu burger sound with beer-marinated bacon? Or beef cheek with Bishop’s Best glaze? Yummo!


3. Matso’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer is a crowd favourite


Two people enjoying some tasting paddles at Matso's Brewery


4. The unique names of the beer alone are worth asking the staff about. Hit the Toad was originally a fundraiser to assist in preventing cane toads crossing from the NT into WA. The cane toads won the fight but the beer still remains. Bishop’s Best is named after the long-standing Bishop of Broome. And Angry Ranga? Well we are not sure who that is named after but our red headed friends proudly drink it.


5. Its Curry Hut has been VERY popular for years and serves authentic Indian cuisine. We don’t know of any Indian history in Broome, but who doesn’t like a good curry!


6. They host a cheer-filled celebration for Oktoberfest each year. PROST!


7. Hands up if you want to know more about beer? Matso’s run a tour so you can learn about hops and all that beery stuff. Plus, you get a tasting paddle at the end – bonus!


Tasting paddles at Matso's Broome Bewery.


8. The view! There is nothing like sitting in the beer garden when the tide is high marvelling at the bright turquoise water of Roebuck Bay located across the road from the brewery.


9. Matso’s is housed in a beautiful old corrugated iron building. It started life as a bank in 1910 and has had various guises over the years including a music shop and a general store run by the Matsumoto family. And yes, that’s where the Matso’s name originates from.


10. And finally, because you can say you had a drink at Australia’s most remote microbrewery!


Join a brewery tour and tasting session to learn about the Matso's way of life! Brewery tours run on Wednesdays and Fridays at 11 am for one hour. Tours are $35 and include a tasting paddle at the end, the perfect time to grab a table and have some lunch!

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Lunch at Matsos