Get to know the Dampier Peninsula by the people who live and breathe it by joining an indigenous tour.

Tap into your adventurous and curious side by joining an indigenous tour exploring the Dampier Peninsula's far-flung sceneries on a day trip from Broome.

Led by local guides, each tour offers unrivalled coastal experiences and cultural insights. Get down and dirty hunting massive mud crabs in tangled mangrove forests. Walk the steps of human footprints embedded on earth for thousands of years. Bounce around from scenery to scenery along epic 4WD off-road trails. Whichever the one-of-a-kind tour, you'll be amazed by the wonders of country; trust us, there are plenty of them!

Embrace all fun and adventure while deepening your cultural knowledge of the Dampier Peninsula with these unique day trips from Broome.


4-day trips from Broome


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Brian Lee's Hunters Creek Tagalong Tour

Rev up and brace yourself for one bumpy ride! Let one of the Dampier Peninsula's most lively characters, Bardi man, Brian Lee, guide you on an off-road tagalong tour uncovering the peninsula's untapped coastal gems and delicious delicacies.

Brian shares his perspectives of country and Dreamtime stories on this legendary tour while showcasing the region's raw and untamed beauty en route. Go from coast to creek, driving along Cape Leveque's stark white shores to making a splash along the remote part of the coast.

The adventure continues with a short yet topsy-turvy drive to the tropical oasis Hunters Creek. You'll soon understand why this is a local hideaway favourite, with the creek's glistening turquoise blue waters mixing with forest green mangroves ever pleasing to the eye. But besides its good looks, there is much enjoyment bask in along the creek.

Try your hand with traditional fishing and mud-crabbing methods – that's if you can spot them! – with Brian showing you the way with a spear. Hop on a relaxing motorboat ride to immerse yourself in the creek's colourful scenery. Take the adventure on the water into your own hands, kayaking through mangroves in an unusual seaside expedition.

No great adventure goes without a reward. Cap off the afternoon with a freshly caught seafood feast – mangrove jack, sweet lips, emperor, just to name a few – cooked over a Bardi-style campfire by the creek. An exciting day of sun, sea and plenty amounts of omega-three.

Please note: Your own 4WD is essential.

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Southern Cross Lullumb Tours on the Dampier Peninsula

Southern Cross Cultural Tour at Lullumb

Get ready to take a walk on the wild side.

Bardi-Jawi tour guide Bolo leads the way on a wander through Lullumb, trekking along thirsty salt plains and sharing his cultural knowledge of the land. Here, you'll see landscapes not as they are but what they can do as Bolo demonstrates the survival skills of his ancestors. Sample bushtucker and bush medicines found in 'nature's nursery.' Take a sip of fresh water from a small stream from a leaf, and discover flora's hidden uses.

Your casual stroll soon becomes a balancing act, carefully playing 'the floor is lava' over interlocking mangrove roots and muddy grounds. It's a bushwalk like no other, making your way through a twisted jungle with a spear in hand, hunting for the outback delicacy, mud crabs. Bolo proves you don't pay for seafood up here, exhibiting his quick-footed ways to track borrowed mud crabs the size of dinner plates and fish in nearby creeks. Score!

Now you're in for a real treat. Replenish your energy stocks with a traditional barbeque cook-up over the fire, with freshly caught seafood, damper, bush tucker and mud crabs on the menu. Enjoy the fishy feast while Bolo's recites Dreamtime stories and performs traditional songs by the coast.

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Owner-operator Rosanna Angus with a tour guest

Oolin Sunday Island Tour

Bid farewell to the mainland as you follow the journey of the Bardi Jawi people to King Sound's Sunday Island.

You'll instantly be mesmerised by Jawi tour guide Rosanna's emotive storytelling and dazzling smile as she recaptures her ancestor's time on the island. Departing Cygnet Bay, you'll cruise through Middle Passage, observing the region's powerful tidal movements, unspoilt scenery, and local wildlife until you arrive at the island.

Follow Rosanna's family's footsteps making your way to see what stands of the former missionary settlement that ceased in 1962. Spot the remains of an impressive old stone barge landing, stone staircase, and building ruins. While here, bask in the stunning hilltop panoramic views of scattered islands, towering rocky outcrops and samphire waters. Just wow.

Continue the tour with a scenic boat ride darting through toothed islands until you arrive at a secluded cove. Get a true sense of place, immersing yourself in the saltwater culture with a dip in a blissfully blue beach while savouring freshly cooked damper and hot beverages. It's more the reason to be a willing castaway.

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Bundy's Cultural Tours, Dampier Peninsula

Bundy's Coastal Cultural Tour

See another side to the coast by tagging along with another Dampier Peninsula legend, Bundy.

Along this 4WD tagalong tour, you'll tour through the remote coastal community, Lombadina with Bundy and his family and visit its namesake beach. Bundy will discuss the region's history and share Dreamtime stories of the Bardi people.

Drive a long stretch of sandy beach until you arrive on rocky terrain. Here, Bundy will reveal a remarkable find – fossilised human footprints thousands of years old. Seeing these hardened footprint trails will give you a new appreciation of the world's oldest living culture and the importance of preserving the land.

After the mind-blowing encounter, Bundy will teach you the ways of spearing fish and hunting mud crabs. Finish the day off cooking your catch along the beach. And if time is on your side, linger on to watch the sunset. The day couldn't be more action-packed.

Please note: Your own 4WD is essential.

Book here: Bundy's Coastal Cultural Tour

Please note: Book in advance to make sure the tour goes ahead. Tours can also be booked via the Djarindjin Campground tour office, with some tours departing from Djarindjin Roadhouse.