Only 100kms from Kununurra, Wyndham is the perfect place to take a day trip. Visit this historic port town, driving along scenic 2- and 4-WD routes.


Aerial view of the Cockburn Ranges near Kununurra. Image: Australia's North West

Great Northern Highway

The drive from Kununurra to Wyndham along the Great Northern Highway would have to be one of the most scenic drives in Western Australia. The road skirts along the edge of the Cockburn Ranges, providing stunning views and a great example of the rugged scenery in this part of the Kimberley.

Along the way, stop for a refreshing swim at Molly Springs which is located in the newly-created Ngamawolem Conservation Reserve. This spring-fed pool flows all year and is located about 30kms from Kununurra.

Closer to Wyndham is the Grotto, a permanent waterhole clearly signposted from the highway. This is a fantastic swimming spot during and at the end of the wet season, the waterfall that feeds the deep pool at the bottom of the gorge can become a torrent. There are steps in the rocks that provide access from the carpark down into to the pool below which is rumoured to be over 300 feet deep!

The port town of Wyndham sits on the edge of the Cambridge Gulf where a new jetty provides a great fishing option. The Five Rivers lookout from the Bastion – the hill overlooking Wyndham - provides an amazing view of the surrounding landscape and is where you can see the Forest, King, Pentecost, Durack and Ord rivers flowing into the gulf.

Wyndham has a fascinating history, and the museum is a treasure trove of information about the town and the pioneering days of the Kimberley. The Afghan and Pioneer cemeteries also provide an insight into Wyndham’s eclectic past.


Driving on the King River Road, near Wyndham. Image: Australia's North West Tourism

King River Road

When in Wyndham, another great short drive is along the King River Road. Head out along the causeway over the tidal flats on the edge of the town, see the Moochalabra Dam, visit rock art sites, fish the King River for barramundi and plan a visit to Digger’s Rest, which specialises in horse treks and small group touring in this remote but beautiful part of the Kimberley.


View of Parry Lagoons. Image: CJ Maddock and Australia's North West.

Parry Creek Road

Rather than heading back the way you came, an alternate route from Wyndham to Kununurra is along the unsealed Parry Creek Road. The turnoff is only about 15 km from Wyndham and it follows the Ord River back to Kununurra.

The scenery along Parry Creek Road is spectacular, with the opportunity to spot tropical birds from the bird hide and boardwalk over the waterlily studded Marglu Billabong at Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve, to fish or launch a boat from Mambi Island and to find the waterfalls along the edge of the Livistonia Range.

Parry Creek Road ends at Ivanhoe Crossing – the picturesque water crossing over the Ord River. Take the alternate Valentine Springs Road to meet back up with the Highway into Kununurra.


Car on the Ivanhoe Crossing, near Kununurra. Image: CJ Maddock & Australia's North West

Road conditions

The Great Northern Highway is a sealed highway and suitable for all vehicles.

The Parry Creek Road is unsealed and suitable for four-wheel-drive vehicles.

The King River Road is unsealed and suitable for four-wheel-drive vehicles.