Planning your trip to Kununurra

We could make a million puns about ‘chasing waterfalls’, but you’ve heard them all before! Here’s a promise - keep reading and you won’t have to ‘chase’ anything. All you need to know to have yourself the greatest Kununurra waterfall season is right here for you. 

When you’re planning a trip to a destination that’s remote, rugged and unfamiliar it can feel arduous to figure out the logistics of everything. We know! We’ve made it really simple.

When to come 

The best time for your waterfalls adventure is between January and April. This is when the rainfall has begun and the waterfalls are usually at their peak flow rate. The weather at this time of year is hot, humid and perfect for swimming in refreshing water. Due to the hot weather, not as many tourists are around and you’ll have a more unique, local-like experience without the crowds of the high season.

Spring-fed or year-round waterfalls 

If you can’t make it to Kununurra during the wet season, fear not because there are some gorgeous waterfalls that are spring-fed and running through the entire year.

Molly Springs is about 30 minutes from Kununurra by car, within the Ngamoowalem Conservation Park, an area of significance for the local Miriwoong people. The pool itself is a small, picturesque swimming spot with pandanus palms fringing the edges, located at the base of a quartzite cliff. 

Secret springs is a little more adventurous, as it lies at the end of a challenging track and you’ll need a high clearance 4WD to access it. Because of its difficulty, we recommend you take a tour if you want to see Secret Springs. Check out HOT Tours or Kimberley Dreaming for incredible day trips with second-to-none local knowledge and hospitality. Plus, you'll get to see a whole bunch of other locations on a small group tour. Sit back and relax, all the hard work is done for you. We think its totally worth it! 

How to get here

Fly from Darwin, Perth or Broome with Airnorth or Nexus Airlines, Virgin. 

If you’re driving, be sure to check the road conditions first with your local Visitor Centre as heavy rains may affect some access roads.

What to do?

Kununurra is the most convenient place to stay for a waterfalls expedition. From here you will be able to hire a car to do your own self-exploration or take a tour and be guided to these epic wonders. 

Waterfalls might be what you came here to see.. But there’s so much more on offer in this town! Do you know that Lake Argyle, just outside Kununurra, is 18 times larger than the size of Sydney Harbour? Good news is, there’s waterfalls flowing all around the lake, so you can have an amazing day out at just one destination.  

We’ve included some suggestions below to ensure you don’t miss any of the ‘must’s’.


Artlandish Aboriginal Art

Artopia Gallery

Kimberley Fine Diamonds

Mirima National Park (mini Bungle Bungles) 

PumpHouse Kununurra

Waringarri Arts

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