Have you ever stood in awe while a waterfall powers down in front of you? Do you love the feeling of the cool water on your face when you dive in? 

Get ready to experience these magical moments and more when you visit Kununurra’s waterfalls. Check out our must-visit waterfalls guide below, curated to help you get the most out of your time in and around Kununurra, especially during the remarkable wet season.


Revolver Falls 

Spectacular, remote, rugged; Revolver has it all. It’s also said to be the tallest single drop waterfall in the whole of Western Australia. This one is accessible by scenic flights only, so get in touch with Helispirit before you arrive to sort out your tour and avoid disappointment. 

Mitchell Falls (Punamii-Uunpuu) 

You could say that Mitchell Falls is the ‘pièce de résistance’ of Kimberley waterfalls. The four-tiered falls were carved through sandstone by the waters of the Mitchell River, producing layers of mesmerising emerald water pools from which the waters tumble from one to the next. To see the falls at their best, this one is a must-visit during wet season, so you’ll need to fly via helicopter or fixed wing as roads are usually inaccessible. 



The Grotto 

Between Kununurra and Wyndham, you’ll find The Grotto, a magnificent gorge that provides a picturesque and safe swimming spot. The 120 metre cliff face drops into the water, becoming a spectacular waterfall during the wet season. You’ll reach The Grotto by climbing 140 steps (with no handrail), and be rewarded with a swim in the refreshing waters of this natural chasm. You can access this waterfall with a 2WD car, follow the signs and park in the carpark before you set out. Be mindful there are no rails on the stairs so take extra care to avoid falls. 

Black rock falls (Theegoyeng) 

Black Rock Falls is named so because of the minerals in the water that have stained the rock cliffs over many years. For a refreshing dip during your trip to Kununurra, you must experience Black Rock Falls. Pack a picnic and jump in the car, you’re sure to have a great time! Before you head out, check with the Kununurra Visitor Centre to see what the road conditions are like, as there can be closures after heavy rain. Access is by four wheel drive only. Reach Black Rock Falls by driving along Parry Creek Road or Ivanhoe Road from Kununurra. 

Molly Springs (Galjiba) 

This permanent, spring-fed pool is surrounded by gorgeous paperbarks and fan palms, accented by the seasonal waterfall that comes alive in the wet season months; its easy to see why Molly Springs  is popular with the locals. Amenities here including a bbq and toilets, and it is a 2WD accessible destination. When planning your visit, be mindful that this slice of paradise is on the smaller side of swimming locations, so you may encounter some other travellers. Tucked away just off the Victoria Highway, about 30km from Kununurra. 

Middle springs (Mayiba)

Head west from Kununurra and reach Middle Springs after about 32km, first taking the Victoria Highway, then Valentine Spring Rd. Here you’ll find seasonal pools filled with the bounty of the wet season, cascading from the rocks of the Livistona Range, just waiting for you to enjoy. 

Please note all the waterfalls mentioned above are best during the wet season after the rain has worked its magic. For the most updated and relevant travel advice, directions and tips, please visit the Kununurra visitor centre. 

Hero image courtesy of Helispirit.

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