Warlu Way - Coastal Route

Quaint coastal towns and offshore islands with remarkable fishing and diving, ancient petroglyphs in the world's oldest art gallery, historic ghost towns and buzzing industrial ports - this is a coast of contrasts.

Onslow and the Mackerel Islands, Karratha and the Dampier Archipelago, Cossack and Port Hedland all feature on this route. 

Highlights along the Coastal Route

Discover the Coastal Towns

aerial_view_of_onslow_and_coastline_image_australias_north_west_cj_maddock CJ Maddock


Enjoying good weather all year round, Onslow in Western Australia is a pretty coastal town offering a relaxed holiday. It’s one of the few places where the sun rises and sets over water, and is…


With a bustling city centre, Karratha's recent reinvention will surprise you with its hip restaurants and modern facilities, but best of all Karratha's location means it is surrounded by iconic…


Located just 20 kilometres west of Karratha, the pretty port town of Dampier is named after the English buccaneer William Dampier, who visited in 1688. Dampier is the departure point for day cruises to…

Port Hedland

Two hundred kilometres north of Karratha, Port Hedland is famous for its massive resource industry, long trains, big ships and salt piles. But it’s just as rich in Indigenous culture, pioneering…

Eat & Drink

North West Brewing Company

Open 7 days a week from 11am to 10pm Enjoy some locally brewed craft beer and delicious food at Karratha's only craft brewery, North West Brewing Co.! With…

Accommodation along the Warlu Way Coastal Route

Mackerel Islands

Getaway on an island adventure to the Mackerel Islands, located a 2-hour flight or 1400km…

Tours along the Coastal Route

Warlu Way Geoheritage Route - landscape near Newman Australia's North West/CJ Maddock

Geoheritage Route

Take a journey back in time to when the Earth began, from preserved remnants of ancient crust more…

Warlu Way Inland Route image - Karijini National Park Australia's North West/CJ Maddock

Inland Route

Plunging gorges and soaring mountain peaks carved from the landscape over millennia, punctuated by…

Warlu Way Manuwarra Red Dog Highway Pyramid Hill Australia's North West/CJ Maddock

Manuwarra Red Dog Highway

Named in honour of both the famed Kelpie cattle dog who frequented the region and the traditional…