China Wall

China WallDuncan Rd, Halls Creek, 6770

The China Wall is a natural white stone wall which looks like a miniature `Great Wall of China'.

It is located just outside of the town of Halls Creek and is a great stop off for a picnic lunch. Enjoy a swim in the shady stream below before exploring this interesting limestone formation.

This place acquired its English name because it is somewhat reminiscent of the Great Wall of China. It is known as Burraluba in the Jaru language and as Mulugunjiny in Kija. 

China Wall is a natural vein of sub-vertical white quartz rising up to 6 metres above the surrounding country in places. This striking formation transects the country for many kilometres, rising high out of the ground and then disappearing back into the earth again. Scientists believe the wall was formed when the rock surrounding the much harder and resistant quartz was weathered and eroded away. Aboriginal people have a different account of how this formation came about.

China Wall is located 6 km from Halls Creek accessed off the Duncan Highway. It is important visitors shut gates as the access road is through a pastoral lease.

The wall runs across private property and it’s important that visitors respect the area and close any gates that they open while entering.

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