Duncan Road

Stock up on your supplies, turn off the Great Northern Highway (Savannah Way) and enter Duncan Road.

This 429 kilometre unsealed track leads you through some of the most scenic landscapes in the Kimberley, following the line of the White Mountain Hills and Ord River, crossing creeks and small rivers along the way to Lake Argyle. The Duncan Road connects the Great Northern Highway at Halls Creek with the Victoria Highway to the east of Lake Argyle just over the NT/WA border. 

Starting at Halls Creek, you can take a step back in time to the first gold rush in Western Australia at the old Halls Creek town site and Pioneer Cemetery. See the dazzling white quartz of China Wall, and take your pick from the region’s best picnic sites and swimming spots at Caroline Pool, Palm Springs and Sawpit Gorge – all within 50 kilometres of Halls Creek. As you continue along Duncan Road, discover spectacular outback scenery with river crossings, swimming holes and opportunities for nature based camping.

To travel Duncan Road, you need to be completely self-sufficient, as there are no facilities along the entire route. You must ensure you are adequately prepared, with food, water and camping gear, as well as spare parts.

How to get there

Duncan Road is accessed from Halls Creek, or via the Great Northern Highway approximately 57 kilometres east of Kununurra.

Planning your drive

Get a copy of The Shire of Halls Creek Tourism & Travel Guide, published by Halls Creek Visitor Centre. It contains maps and a comprehensive guide to the attractions along Duncan Road, the Great Northern Highway, Tanami Road and Canning Stock Route.

Road conditions

As with all unsealed roads, check road conditions with the local shire before you travel and while on the Duncan Road be prepared to give way to road trains.

Vehicle hire and tours

For your self-drive adventure, you’ll find both car and camper van hire in Broome, with car hire also available in Kununurra. 

Best time to drive

The best time to visit is during the Dry Season (May to October). Prior to travelling, check road conditions and closures with local Visitor Centres.

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