Jarman Island Lighthouse

Visible from Point Samson and Cossack, Jarman Island Lighthouse is one of the Pilbara's most important historic landmarks. 

The lighthouse was built in 1888 and played a significant role in the development of the north-west region. It served the Port of Cossack until 1902 when silting in the harbour meant it could no longer service larger ships. From 1904 the lighthouse served the new port at Point Samson, until the Cape Lambert Lighthouse took over in 1985. 

The lighthouse and lighthouse keepers quarters project was one of the infrastructre projects undertaken by resident north-west engineer W.L. Owen and state architect George Temple Poole. The method of construction was innovative for its time - preformed cast-iron sections were made in Birmingham, England by Chance Brothers and assembled on site by a labouring team from Roebourne Gaol, which included prisoners from Malaysia, the Philippines, China, Arabia and also members of the Cossack pearling fleet. 

Standing 50 feet tall with the lantern elevated to 96 feet above sea level, visibility of the lighthouse was to a distance of 15 miles. As the lighthouse lamp required winding every two hours, two lighthouse keepers had to live on the island until the lighthouse was automated in 1907. 

While the lighthouse keepers quarters stand derelict, the lighthouse itself was restored in 2003. 

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