Roaming with Red Dog Trail

LOT 397 Central Ave, Dampier, 6713

Red Dog Trail SignFollow the Red Dog signposted trail around town to get a feel for the place where Red Dog spent a lot of his time and see if you can complete the trail’s online quest!

The Roaming with Red Dog trail is a grade 2 self-drive and walking trail which takes you to some of Red Dog’s favourite spots around town.

At each point of interest, full-colour informational signage will help you to discover Dampier’s story and that of its most famous resident. The trail is 10km long and starts at the Red Dog Memorial Statute at the entrance to the town.

The Red Dog trail includes a playful quest element to make the experience more fun. You can visit sites in any order to complete the quest, just look up the answers online and use your answers to solve the puzzles.

Download the brochure here.

Red Dog Trail Map

Dampier Foreshore

The Dampier Foreshore offers shaded picnic areas and pedestrian walkways along the palm tree lined Esplanade.