Sunrise Beach & Sunset Beach

Ian Blair Memorial Boardwalk, Onslow, 6710

Onslow is one of the few places where you can watch the sun rise and set over water, and offers a beach for each activity!

Sunrise Beach or front beach has a shade shelter on the beachfront and the beach itself, as well as boat ramp facilities. Spend some time here swimming, snorkelling or just relaxing.  

At Sunset Beach, or back beach, enjoy a picnic at the shaded picnic area and watch the sun sink beneath the horizon of the Indian Ocean. Sunset Beach is also a good fishing spot, and has fish cleaning facilities.

Old Goods Shed Museum

The Old Goods Shed Museum also houses Onslow Visitor Centre and it’s worth spending some time…


Onslow offers a range of great fishing spots.

Mackerel Islands off the coast of onslow cj maddock Beautiful waters for fishing at the Mackerel Islands, off the coast at Onslow. Image: Australia's North West/CJ Maddock

Mackerel Islands

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